Branson Blitz ’16

Had reservations for the normal period of Friday – Sunday morning and read they started the activities Thursday, 4/14.  Why not!  Dave Carter accompanied me over via the back roads.  Heard of inclement weather pending, but pushed on in via Noel and the fun roads.BB  One of those intersections, I lost Dave.  He high-sided it on the gravel on a T intersection and several people stopped to get him back up and running before I got there.  He injured his ankle and couldn’t support himself when stopped to put down the side stand.  Thus the remainder of the weekend was to get from A to B without stopping.

Attendance was down around 55, but we’re thinking it was more due to the iffy weather, as the clouds dispersing during the weekend did occur, but not very much.  We spent our time at the motel visiting.  Doc from Springfield filled in a number of our hours. Marcus from there too was riding a new bike, a Bergman with an extraHalfaLT 4 gallons sitting on the back.  He also showed me the HD lamps to replace the stock halogens.


Since long distance daughter Sierra is now on her own, the LT was deemed too big for one up and the new Suzuki fills the bill.  She, on the other hand, brought her own boyfriend to the event, who just bought an under liter sports bike to keep up, completed his MSF beginning course and got his motorcycle endorsement to follow along.  One gentleman from Bixby (I didn’t get his name, or remember it), drove over loaded with BMW accessories to find new homes for them.  They were priced right, but I generally avoid BMW accessories as they are priced like BMWs.  Perhaps I’ll change my mind.  He knew me via this web site.  Later when Dave and I headed around the back of the motel for Mexican for dinner, I was attempting to load him on the back of my bike to give his foot a break (that didn’t come out right).  He was cringing and our Bixby buddy threw us the keys to his SUV to take instead.  “Do you wish to drive us over?” No, take the car.  I made sure to park it at the end of the lot to avoid any bumps while parked.  He needs to contact me to see if all of his items are sold.

Sunday morning was iffy regarding the weather.  Dave was better on his foot, but we decided to scurry home on I-44.  I had filled both bikes up the night before so we were ready to ‘torch some tanks’.  I don’t think we stopped until MP-4 in Missouri to get a bite and re-top the tanks.  My memory may be fading, as Dave turned into the Quik-Trip on 193rd in Tulsa to get home on.  Then the rain started.  He followed me to Sand Springs and proceeded to do the last 26 miles to Cleveland on his own.  He didn’t make it.

A phone call a half hour later informed me his bike drowned out in the rain and he was under an overpass about 2/3rds the way home on US-412.  Jump in the wife’s SUV and head out.  With the rain and traffic heading out, he wasn’t aware of me behind him in the car.  A quick bleet of the horn got him to jump.  No, he didn’t know I was there.  We stripped the bike of goodies and parked it further off the highway in the mud (flat concrete underneath), and took him home.  AAA or someone towed the bike to his home in Cleveland.  Last week or so, he acquired a pickup to haul the bike to Bentonville to replace one of the ignition’s Hall Effects sensor.  Apparently the wire goes into the main engine casing at the top where water can accumulate and sit for months.  As old and with this many miles, the insulation is not that good and even kept dry for months, it would still not start.  After wheeling the bike off the truck, Dave’s first goal is to get it ready for the National.

Think he’ll get oldest rider again?


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  1. We just left Hamburg rally and Dave was mentioned with photo as oldest living rider there! Della won $1000 gift cert from Bobs BMW. She won the $1800 riding suit last year so we are ahead on rally fees. We did enjoy the Bransin Blitz this year too. Mike Truel


  2. I got the word that indeed “my friend Cone head got “oldest Rider” in Hamburg like I said he would since Old Foster Grounded imself. Congrats friend Dave. Pop Foster, Nixa,Mo.


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