BMW Introduces “Intelligent Emergency Call”

Think of it as On Star® for your bike.


Introduced in 1999, the eCall system will be offered on motorcycles beginning in 2017.

Getting help to the scene of an accident or emergency as fast as possible can save lives. This applies especially to motorcyclists. For this reason BMW Motorrad has developed the optional “Intelligent Emergency Call” system which is intended to get help to the accident or emergency scene as fast as possible.

P90217586_lowRes_bmw-motorrad-emergenIn the case of an emergency or an accident, the intelligent system sends out the location data to the BMW Call Center, then forwarded to emergency responders. The current position as well as information for determining the direction of travel are transmitted to simplify locating the motorcyclist in hard-to-find locations or highway junctions.

The “intelligent emergency call” button is located on the right side of the handlebar for manually requesting help. The SOS button used for triggering or cancelling an emergency call is covered, and a microphone and loudspeaker are integrated into the unit.