January 2016 Newsletter

BMW Club Newsletter

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  • Future of the club
  • Dinner; still & National memberships

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert
Vice-President: Rex Brown
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Next Meeting

Saturday, January 30, 2016 at  2 p.m. at Martin Regional, 2601 S Garnett.

Last Meeting
Getting into the seasonal holidays, the December meeting was scrubbed.

Upcoming Events
The lists have been compiled, the R.S.V.P.s are being setup in MailChimp for a count to our hosts on those attending our dinner on an upcoming February Saturday evening, not to conflict with big sports events.  Look for an invite to show up in your email box.  Current and long term and year past members will be invited.

New Stuff

Take a look at BMW Motorrad; they have displayed two innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in UntitledLas Vegas on 6-9 January 2016. Laser light for motorcycles and a helmet with a head-up display will be presented, setting new standards of motorcycle safety, along with a technical outlook of how they may be employed in series models of the future. More.

I’m waiting for the phaser kit for the car pulling out in front of me.

Another manufacturer already out with a heads-up rear view camera is Skully.  Their grand and a half helmet on their web site shows a display with speed, view out the back, and GPS instructions incorporated within the helmet’s electronics.  Check out their video of a rider on a MotoGuzzi. Might be beneficial to purchase extended warranties on these bad boys.

Where to go – Club wise

As editor, I normally perform the task of generating the newsletter lightheartedly.  This one I’ve handled with dread, so I kept putting it off and off.  My apologies to readers expecting to find it in their mailboxes or on the web sometime in the beginning of this month.

During the two years that I’ve been president, we’ve had a restaurant close underneath us and membership dwindle from monthly meetings to the regular few. That is not right, I wasn’t prez until after Legend’s closed. In speaking with others, and listening to the speakers of national organizations, this seems to be a nationwide happening.  Other clubs are making internal changes and actually strengthening their local club.  I wish I was as creative.

I still enjoy riding.  I’ve had a couple of rides this winter for a couple of hours each episode with newer members SE & NW of town.  Recently working on the bike, changing the oil, putting in new plugs (which on a faired RT, is a pain!), I’ve been wanting to stretch its legs and go for a longer ride, however the holiday schedule and weather has curtailed my desires.  My personal druthers is not to do group rides as a group.  I’ve gone on a ride with a group of >10 others that did not ride as a group; each rider traveled as s/he normally do, and we arrived at our destination several minutes apart.  In the days of Atlas Cycle, a Sunday ride would take place and we’d ride as a group.  I am looking forward to hitting both coasts with others doing the planning.  I’ve purchased a K&N Passport for 2016.  Dave called me about the room reservations that I might have.  Huh?  I need to speak with him some more.  Meetings that took place at members’ homes were more of a social gathering that we’d have to curtail to actually get the meeting done.  They were fun.

My wife doesn’t approve, but I’m prone to take off by myself to a ride or event  100 miles oout, or 1000 miles out.  I’d prefer to share expenses and experiences, however who wants to go to North Dakota in the fall with the prediction of rain.  I did have a nice short chat with a S.D. Sheriff’s Deputy after taking a break behind an abandoned farmhouse alongside the highway.

The club does have some assets.  Guess I need to take inventory, as Norma Jo has some stuff in one of their sheds, as do I.  The treasury still has a couple of bucks in it. Abandonment of the club says that has to go to a charity.  I’d rather spend it.  Hence the Christmas – Winter – Spring? dinner that will be sponsored. I really wish to do this and the venue for socializing really works here.

Another ideal was to ‘de-format’ or un-formalize the club.  Something perhaps the club should have explored after Legends closed their doors.  I think the OKC group did this years ago, and they still have a group that puts on a campout every year that is no frills, but fun.  Isn’t that the idea?  Another long time member pushed the idea to have several meetings throughout the year to discuss events, who’s going, etc.  Exploration of other clubs’ websites may find more concepts for us.  The development and maturity of the web and smart phone has affected many businesses and clubs.  I was behind a woman in Office Depot and saw a dictionary in her hand.  “Who buys a dictionary?”  I just donated one of ours to the S.S. Senior Center’s bookshelves.  Upon closer inspection, the dictionary was a lock box to hide treasures and put in the bookcase.  Thus the meeting at the end of the month on the 30th on Saturday at the library to open up and discuss.  If you’ve an idea, bring it along.


Other Stuff – National Memberships

Are you a member of our club?  Send me your MOA or RA membership number with expiration date so we can attempt to stay current in both national organizations.  Email address at the top of the newsletter.

Dave Carter – the guy with the pointy cap, has a variety of motorcycle parts that he is ready to part with.  I’m talking frames, seats, shocks, fairings, wheels, fenders, sub-assemblies, engines, carbs, pipes, transmissions, /7, /6, /5 and others, all of it air-head stuff.  He wishes to assemble a group of knowledgable people to identify all of it so he can disburse it.  Perhaps even sell some stuff.  I need to work with him in getting it prepared.  Garage sale / picnic?  I need more labels. This won’t be my last newsletter.