November 2015 Newsletter

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  • New Location for November Meeting – Yes, again
  • Winter Club Dinner
  • Next year’s officers

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert
Vice-President: Rex Brown
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Next Meeting
Burger King last month in October was a bit stark.  Wasn’t in the mood for a hamburger of the fast food type, so I contacted Tally’s Good Food Cafe at 11th and S. Yale (1102 S Yale) for something a bit more varied and nicer, and we’ll see how that works for us. Management also expressed the desire that all the attendees would be hungry and order dessert with their dinner and drink.  Plenty of parking on the west side of the restaurant.  We’ll be in the back.  I’ll try to remember our BMW sign.

11th and Yale
November 10 @ 7:00 PM
meeting starts at 7, come earlier for dinner 

Our treasurer says we have money, so, we need to spend some.  The club used to do a Christmas dinner, but back then, it was pot luck and hosted at a member’s home.  Reserving a location in a restaurant can get tricky the closer to the holidays, plus everyone usually have other engagements to attend, so I would suggest ASAP.  We can discuss. You’ve gotta arrive to discuss.

I would like to participate in a club Tech day, an2015-10-28-0007d am looking for a location.

The year is about up.  I’ve nearly ran the club into the ground, as the events at Legends would nearly fill ¾ of their meeting room with interested riders.  Perhaps new officers and going back to a location with food (food is always a good draw) will re-grow the club.  I met with Marvin Gregory and his daughter at St Johns in Broken Arrow, recovering from his motorcycle accident.  He too stated that the clubs he belongs too are shrinking up.  Perhaps a serious look at the Oklahoma City group.  They’ve been running a loose-knit club that seems to get along without Roberts Rules of Order and still put on their annual camp-out every fall at Talimena State Park.

Last Meeting
What looked good was a glassed in area with 4 booths and 3 tables in the Burger King restaurant on the NW corner of Sheridan and 21st ST.  I think I upset the other 2 in there, who were quiet in doing their individual things at separate tables, until I heard the older gentleman telling the younger guy he has 20 minutes left on his test.  I had requested the room the prior week, but unlike the library, there is no signing in nor locks on the door.  Despite that, we had a fairly decent turnout.

Me, Bob G, Kendall S, Glyn H, Jeff H, (not related), Dave C & Wilda in tow.  Bless her heart.

I initially was planning on setting up a club picnic but was looking at all the difficulties involved and thought something else could be accomplished by us mere men.  Perhaps a weekend day in doing a club Tech day.  I have to the tools and gauges for doing valve adjustments and oil changes plus after doing electrical work on Kendall’s bike years ago, it still hasn’t shorted out.  I’m sure there is a bunch of undiscovered talent in our club.  I think Rex and Jeff can do home networking and the 3 of us kind of figured out helmet communications.

The ride to Oark
I met up with new rider Glyn Hollabaugh and a GW Rider friend/co-worker he brought along.  Both had things to do later in the afternoon, so an impromptu shortened ride was invoked.  Glyn took me over some paved rural roads east of Talimena that I hadn’t been on before and I got to see how nice it is between major highways.  As I was bending into the curves and enjoying myself, I was also pondering how long it would take an ambulance to get me to a facility amongst these curves.  There I go putting in something bad in a place I was having fun.  We caught up with a big, black SUV that had OHP on the side, so decided to turn whichever way he wasn’t going.  Ended up at Fin & Feather at Soda Steve’s for lunch.  Afterwards, took S Indian Road north on the west side of Tenkiller, rode through Tahlequah to the west side again, completing a circle, and up OK-10 along the Illinois, and into Kansas.  That be Kansas, Oklahoma, where the mounts took a drink from the petrol pumps.  We split up, they on the turnpike, me coming  home on Scenic 412.  Construction still happening on the bridge over OK-66, so traffic backed up to underneath the toll road interchange.  I ducked off and rode the circuitous Admiral Drive east to keep my clutch hand relaxed.

There was a news story on one of the national channels regarding riding around on old tires.  I basically know all of this stuff they reported, but don’t bother to check.  I run through enough tires on the bike so I’m fairly assured of new rubber.  In 2000, DOT or the National Highway Safety Institute made a change in the dating of tiIMG_1905 - Version 3res; car, motorcycle, but not bicycles.  Gruesome pictures being displayed of wrecks and their victims being blamed on old tires.  Keying in “Old Tires” into your favorite search engine will bring up 100s of sites,  with some saying 6 years is too old, others saying 10 years, and still others stating as long as there is no visible damage, they can be older.  Paula’s car is 5 years old, and it gets about 6k a year.   Following the conservative guideline, I’m gonna have to replace all of her tires next year despite more than half of the tread left.

Years ago, I was riding in Louisiana down I-49 and was passed by several vehicles, pick-ups, generally, moving along at a smart pace.  Twenty miles later was a Bronco, lying on its side on the shoulder of the highway, the Easter baskets strewn out, and a sheet covered form.  Apparently the ambulance hadn’t gotten there yet.  Leaves an impact.  I think this was during the Firestone fiascoIMG_1905 - Version 2

A month ago, I purchased a new Michelin Pilot 2 for the back of the bike.  They have to jerk those tires out of the rack since they ‘grab’ to each other.  Looking at the tire code, it is 2 years old!  I feel that I didn’t get cheated, as the tire worked very well, but are there any recalls on it?  If I have a problem with it, has the warranty already expired?  I guess if I throw on about 11k within a year, I’ll be fine.

My front tire, purchased a month earlier, is also 2 years old with the WWYY date stamp of 4113.

K&N Passport
I finished mine up in October and turned it in.  Heard Kendall finished his up early this week.  Bob informs me the Banquet will be held December 6 in Bixby.  Probably someplace cozier than Bixby Sod Farm.