Oark for Lunch – Oct 17

Breakfast Ride— Saturday, October 17th

While the weather is good, let’s take advantage.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.38.05 PMOf the multitude of items you/we can do while it is warm is take off on a day ride to Arkansas to the little restaurant every rider knows at Oark. I’ve thrown something together and showing it here. I’ve yet to
master the Garmin tools to down/upload the data to a GPS, but the Google map can be viewed below for mile to mile detail. The plan was to stay off any 4 lanes. Afterwards, you’re on your own.


Attend BMW of Tulsa’s open house / Octoberfest on Saturday. For more info check www.bmwmctulsa.com – tech, german lunch, specials and prizes!



Meet at QuikTrip 8100 East Highway 51, Broken Arrow. You know, where OK-51 splits off from the Muskogee T’pike. Sidestands up at 9 am.

View route on Google Maps