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  • New Location for October Meeting
  • Fall Picnic: Yes? No?

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Vice-President: Rex Brown j.rex.brown@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


Next Meeting
For something a little different, I’ve scheduled a fast food joint for our October meeting.   Burger King at the corner of 21st & S. Sheridan on the NW corner.  Seven pm on Tuesday, October the 13th, 2030 S. Sheridan.  They have a glassed in meeting room with booths and tables  for about 20. We should feel like a fishbowl.

Hope MOA members have gotten their annual mileage closing certificate signed on Sunday the 11th since that is/was the official ending date.  Bring your forms with the distance on your bikes’ ODOs and we’ll have a sign-a-thon.

I’ve spoken with the Dreshers about borrowing their trailer grill / smoker, and if we don’t take it very far, say one of the Grand Lake State Parks, we could have a pretty good shindig on some upcoming Saturday.  Burgers, Dog, Brats, Slaw, Potato Salad, chips, pop – simple fare.  I’ll have to speak to the parties with the goods about availability, but with the year rounding down, things should be easier to get.  We’ll discuss.  Have to blame the Quapaws’ for setting the goalpost so high.

Last Meeting
An intimate meeting to just have a chat session.

New & Renewed Members
Welcome to our most recent new members and those who have renewed their membership.

    Glyn Hollabaugh, Broken Arrow

Something Here
The season is about over.  There are a couple of rallies left in the south.  Put on the ice spikes on your bike’s tires and go north for the snowmobile events to be held in Minnesota and other northern states.  Duluth is a good place to visit Aerostich during the winter.  Not busy.

This weekend – October 9 – Falling Leaf Rally – Potosi, MO.  Weather appears to be warmer than usual.  Just a 300+ mile  jaunt up I-44 toward St. Louis and some secondary roads; bang!  your there!

October 23 – South Central BMW Owners Reunion – Fayetteville, TX.  That would be about midway between Austin and Houston.

January 22-24 – Progressive International Motorcycle Show – Dallas, TX

Rally Reviews

Been to any rallies since the National in Billings?  I’ve done three.

Fort Ransom in North Dakota only got down to the 50s this year, so I  didn’t have to take my 2 bags to make a fall bag and sleep in both of them.  I still forgot my stocking cap.  This had been planned for a while, leaving Wednesday to ride around Oklahoma and pick up the remaining K&N Passport locations to leave for the north from Boise City.  Getting in to see the Atomic Cannon required registration as a guest and wearing a high-vis vest.  This route took me across Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and a bit of North D. on all 2 lane highways.  An almost relaxing two day stint up there.  Rain greeted me Friday morning leaving the motel that petered out 10 miles north of town.  Then IMG_1791it was kind of a drizzle on and off through South Dakota.  I was surprised by the 40 mile I-80 flash in South Dakota were the posted limit was 80.  Still, I was passed.  Upon the passage into North Dakota, the rain came down!  “I’m gonna turn around and go home!”  Fifteen miles later, it stopped, I saw blue skies in the distance, and no more rain. Took a shot of the fixer-upper that Paula might be interested in.  NOT!  The event had a whopping 50 in attendance, but the campfire coals beef stew was fantastic.  Throw about 6 cast iron ovens on the fire, stir it once or twice, and move IMG_1793it to someplace cooler when it starts to boil over.  The cook needed a reflective fire shield to attend to his job.  Delicious!  This older BMW was rolled off and shown off.  About 5 kicks and it started with a nice, slow put put, road around the grounds in the park, and got itself back up the ramp into the back of the truck.  Returned to Oklahoma via secondary roads again, plotting my destination to the Artesian Well described in the K&N Passport.  Either I’m getting older (well, that’s true), or the borrowed GPS doesn’t take coordinates like mine does, but I headed for this site 3 times and the GPS kept mis-directing me again and again.  It didn’t find it the previous Wednesday, which turned out OK since I didn’t get to the motel in Guymon until 8:30 or so.  Coming back home, it directs me to a dirt road.  Nope!  The folks at K&N would not do that to me.  After I entered the coordinates a 3rd time and going another 8-9 miles, I passed by the location just a mile from my previous stop.  With that one photographed, I was done.  I was #33 to finish.  A bit behind John Moore, and about 2,700 miles on this trip.

Who made the RA rally over in Harrison?  A simple jaunt to take US-412 east and the fairgrounds were only a golf stroke from the highway.  Rex, Jeff and I met east of Tulsa @ 7:30 in I Don’t Care’s parking lot, synchronized our Senas and took off.  Weather was cool, but electrics unnecessary.   Chatting the whole way over there passed the time quickly.  We registered, set up our tents, then set out for a ride to Bull Shoal Dam and other points east and north.  According to the Tulsa World, the lake was 20′ above normal.  Rex got some selfies of the three of us.  We headed up AR-125 through Peel to get a drink at my ex-co-workers at Wagon Wheel resort, just before the ferry ride across to Missouri.  Gassing up, we noticed a lot of traffic going the other way.  Of course, 5 p.m. rush hour out of Harrison.  With the 2 lane roads as curvy as they are, if you get behind someone going slow, you’ll probably get home late.  Very few chances of passing.  Met up with Bob, Kendall & Mike who got here Thursday and were out riding also.  Lots of dew overnight and the next morning was bright, sunny and cool.  Great.  Rex connected us up with Jim, a local on his GS from Rogers and the 4 of us headed south on some of the greater curvy sections of Arkansas.  Now Colorado roads are smoother and wider, but I don’t thIMG_1819ink the hairpins are as tight, even going up Pike’s Peak.  Downshift to first, TIGHT curve, and accelerate out!  Stopping for lunch, we catch up with the other 3 heading out.  Our order got confused (lost) and we had extra time to chat.  Rex didn’t mind chowing down his Salmon while we waited for our burgers.  Smart man, as it was still hot.  Roaming around some more, came across a parking lot with a federal ranger giving talks, and on the other side was this fellow and a couple of his cows.  I didn’t know these fellows were around.  Would hate to meet one on the road.  Cameras out!  We got back to the fairgrounds prior to the awards ceremony.  Something like 980+ in attendance.  I didn’t win the 50/50, despite throwing $10 away.  The Beaches were there giving away an European vacation of your choice, as was Michelin giving a pair of tires away.  Gee!  I would have liked either.  We camped on the baseball diamond.  The grass was clipped short and the ground was flat.  Those in the open area had ground that had been broken up my a number of hooves and residue from the animals’ posterior.  We just couldn’t ride our bikes in the diamond to load and unload.  Saw a fellow and his two dogs walk to the baseball field to pitch balls for the boys to retrieve.  One of ’em started running and sniffing tents to figure out which one he needed to mark, and boy, did he.  Nothing the fellow yelled would curtail his soaking of the tent.  They had a contest of the ugliest riding suit.  I didn’t  know about that ahead of time.  My stitch could have qualified.  Only one geezer entered with his vest that he wears on his Gold Wing, and walked away from the prize.  That evening was breezy and overcast, which allowed it to be warmer.  Everyone woke up without dew on their tents, so packing was much easier and weighed less.  Again, scooting west on 412, we stop at Waffle House, and then blast back home.  Got to the house before noon!  Had the rear tire changed on Tuesday and they asked me if I wanted to keep the nail they found in my old tire.  Erg!

Falling Leaf was well attended.  Questions and Answers at the meeting.

Other Items
Prior long distance member, Jack Shoalmire, passed me a front axle adapter.  When I couldn’t break my front axle to change the tire, I went ahead and ordered a tool on the web.  The adapter he made was created from a bolt and a couple of nuts that made up the proper metric size.  Unfortunately the red LockTite was just not strong enough to stay together to break loose the front axle.   Running down to a local auto mechanic, I asked them IMG_1838to touch their welder to the bolt and the nut to permanently lock them together.  The did so with a vengence.  Too bad I spent $20 for the tool (plus shipping) since the hand made tool now works without slipping.  Granted, the new tool has two more sizes for other brands that require other sizes, plus has a ½” square hole for use of a standard drive.  I’ll leave it home and take the other with me.  Anyone who looks at it will wonder what it is and leave it alone. 

Get your October issue of MOA?  Page 15 is a picture page of where members have been and sent in a picture.  I like #7.  Rider from Florida sent in a pic of the snow covered mountains from the south of Florida.  I have to admit, the folks keep churning out a very nice magazine month after month.   I’m actually surprised more items have not been goofed up due to a looming deadline.