September 2015 Newsletter

BMW Club Newsletter

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  • Breakfast and tour
  • Salina Picnic?

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert
Vice-President: Rex Brown
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Next Meeting
Same o, same o, Tuesday, September 8 at 7 pm, Martin Regional, 2601 S Garnett.  They have bike locks for your convenience.  Anyone for Mexican prior at 6?  They really fill a plate full at Casa San Marcos just up the street at 2170 Garnett next to the car wash.  That would be the west side.

I’ve thrown out an email to officers regarding the long awaited picnic, and was pondering October 17th or 24th, both Saturdays.  Before is Falling Leaf, afterward is Halloween.  Myron and Norma Jo did a bang up job a couple of years ago at Spavinaw and the club should have contributed more toward their efforts.  I’ll push a more group effort.

Several years ago.  No, lots of years ago when the club meetings were held at members’ homes, I grabbed a picnic shelter in Chandler for a meeting.  Brought firewood to stoke the fireplace.  Of course, back then, we did pot luck.  The shelter was first-come, so I shot there immediately after work and took up residency.  Now it is $50 for the first 3 hours.  I’d ask for a food truck to follow us, but with current attendance, I couldn’t probably get anyone to commit.  We can discuss anyway.

Remember, the MOA mileage contest ends about the same time as the Falling Leaf Rally.  Plenty of opportunities for signatures.

Last Meeting
We had a number of members and a 2nd time visitor. We did a round-robin of telling on ourselves, then broke into club stuff, individual stuff, BMW stuff, travels and personal.  I’m not sure if we accomplished a lot, but I came away feeling good.  Rode the bike.  HEY!  The president rode his bike.  Wasn’t too hot, so getting there and back was more enjoyable than usual.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Sep 5 – Tour and Lunch
Anyone for doing a tour of the GRDA facility and then lunch on Saturday?  This Saturday the 5th.  Nine A.M. at the Catoosa QuikTrip on 193rd East Ave.  Then to Langley for the approximately 1 hour tour.  No schedule, they have guides and when a group signs in, they start a tour.  Lunch at the Chicken Coop in Langley, afterwards, run the roads of Grand Lake.

Sep 11-13 – Bavarian Mountain Weekend
Sipapu ski area in New Mexico, about 25 miles from Taos

Sat, Sep 19 – Ride to Eat
Lone Star BMW hamburger feed @ Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Sulphur, OK.

Sep 25-26 – Central OK BMW Campout 
Meet buds from OKC at their annual camp and ride through the Ouachitas at Talimena State Park.

Oct 1-4 – BMW Riders Association National Rally
The recent ones I’ve been to has seen attendance from 700 – 1,200. Join the gathering at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Harrison, AR for seminars, vendors and ride Arkansas.

Old Guy pondering – BMW and non motorcycle.
A member hit me with a query on if I remembered what the HP of my bike was.  I think I told him wrong, and their thought was that BMW had been putting out higher numbers than actual.   My ’83 R100RS I think was in the neighborhood of 58-68 HP.  I don’t remember.  The K100RS I think was rated at 75.  My R1100RS at 90.  I remember  MCM or Krauser was attempting to get 100 hp out of an airhead years ago and having great difficulty.  BMW was near this with the new design oilheads and they are sweet bikes still.  Once you got it tuned right.  The  1150GS I kept for 9 years and 90,000 miles.  Bought my R1200 pre-owned.  Added about ½ quart of oil between changes until after 80k on the odo.  Now the sight window shows that it has gone down from the last change, but is still above the dot in the center.  (Prior time I rode, it was below the dot, yesterday’s ride and the oil was slightly above the dot.)  We had a guy in our club that rode the heck out of his R1100RT, and his quit going through oil about 55k.  All them hard things the cylinders and rings are made of, take a long time to seat.

I was reading about the GRDA and their facilities.  Going east through Kenwood, we pass by the Salina Pumpback station ran by the GRDA.  At night, when rates are low, they pump water from Lake Hudson uphill to Chimney Rock Lake.  During peak rates, that water is released to generate electricity.  Thermodynamically, it doesn’t make sense, because it uses twice the electricity to pump it uphill than what they get out of it.  Financially, it makes a profit to generate during peak hours.
Browsing through the web, I look for other pumpback stations and find one 40 miles south of Potosi, Missouri.  This one, though, had bad karma.  They over pumped the reservoir and it broke, dumping 1 billion gallons of water in approximately 12 minutes.  It created a swath of destruction that scrubbed a section of forest down to bedrock that is still evident.  Buried the local park ranger and his family (wife, 3 children including an infant) in mud one December morning, but they all survived.  No one died.  The state park, Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, had to be cleaned and renovated.  Think I’ll ride down there to look around during Falling Leaf.  It is only 45 miles to the south.