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  • Alas, no rally!
  • No July Meeting – I’m out riding

President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Vice-President: Rex Brown j.rex.brown@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


Next Meeting
In August – A newsletter will be generated in July, but there will not be a meeting.  See you in Montana, Colorado, Nebraska.

Last Meeting
We had an intimate number of attendees at dinner up the street, and a different group attend later at the library.

First on the agenda, we’re getting closer and closer to our intended date of rallydom, and we’ve yet to pick a spot.  Since there are timing issues regarding a rally; announcing it via both BMW magazines, contacting vendors, contacting caterers, contacting attendees, contacting volunteers, the attendees present decided to shut it down for this year, and maybe attempt to plan for the following year.  The drive to do what our Vice President did two years ago, is just not present.  Therefor discussion opened up to table an Indian Nations Rally for a year.  Instead, we may do picnics, overnighters, cookouts and rides.

Rally Report(s):

MotoMO at Crane

The predicted weekend of rain rain rain was iffy.  Three, no, four of us from eastern Oklahoma decided to chance the weather and go anyway.  The first to show was Steve McClung.  I guess he’d been there several hours before the next.  Also Bob Gillespie.  There goes my memory.  Was he before or after me?  He had previously called and claimed his outdoor air unit was smoking, and I think it was too young to smoke, so he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it or not.  The other members of his household were taking off to Texas and he didn’t want the entire using burning out other than the fan.

I took a really round the way route and added a number of miles before getting to Crane.  Not enough to qualify for longest distance, however.   I went via Coweta, Wagoner, Okay, Fort Gibson, Braggs, Notchietown, Blackgum, Cookson, Stillwell, Dutch Mills, Lincoln, Prairie Grove, Farmington, Bentonville, and over to Crane via secondary roads.  Rain?  No, it got WARM.   Showed up a little before 5 after leaving the house at 11.  Dave Carter took a more direct route and beat me by 15 minutes.

After everything was put up and not stapled down, we visited the traveling food truck from Springfield and consumed their vittles.  The Springfield group has eliminated meals from their rally fee, thus maintaining one of the lowest cost rallies with great grounds, by inviting others to come in and sell their wares – er, food.  Thus you can eat on the grounds, walk to a local joint, or jump on the bike to go to Aurora, Monett, or all the way to Springfield for whatever suits your fancy.

A drizzle or two and a front coming through made sleeping nice.  The on-site showers are great with seemingly unlimited hot water and shower heads that allow me to lather my hair without bumping into the fixture.

Saturday!  Where do you want to go?  The guys at B’ville BMW and doing their open grill with brats and burgers for all the moochers that wish to come, I tag up with Bob in attempt to get killed going to Nevada to the Bushwhacker museum.  Little did we know of the closed downtown square for the annual celebration of Bushwhacker days.  Oh!  This is in Missouri, so we went around 2 hours to get there.  On the way there, I told Bob I had ‘so much range’ and he took me literally.  My helmet was being mashed into my forehead, my butt was getting sore, and my gas gauge display had disappeared.  All my pains went away upon turning into the Casey’s Convenience Gas.  Three-hundred-six miles since filling up in Broken Arrow across from Blue Bell yesterday morning.  Hey!  I still had .9 gallons left.

After scooting around and trying to find a parking space, Bob finds out the museum is in the basement of the library, and we squeeze the bikes into a non-slot that is too small for a compact to go.  The air feels wonderful inside.  Admission: FREE!  Wish to contribute?  They are setting up the stage reserved for the bushwhacker video for some artists of the time for a sing-along.  We’ve got ½ hour before them so Bob gets them to start up the video.  Whine, whine, whine, I would have enjoyed it more if the chatting around the room was a bit more hushed, and the guitar player tuned his instrument elsewhere, but we walked away with a grave feeling of the strength of slavery vs non-slavery opinions and how they demonstrated those feelings to each other at the time.  Afterwards, we wander around the exhibits.  Particularly interesting was the remedies and cures that were employed by the citizens and doctors of the time.  Leaches have proven a medical reasoning now, but to ‘reduce the toxins in the blood’ was how our ancestors thought.  My reaction?  Humphrey Bogart & Katherine Hepburn in African Queen.

I pushed my thoughts about sitting down for lunch someplace before heading back, but I can’t find my glasses.  Anyone traveling with me know of this recurring incident.  Back to the basement to inquire of several folks after looking in the bathroom for my specs.  Nope.  I then suggest we consume something at the festival going on outside for whoever turned in my glasses from the bathroom to find a responsible person.  We sat next to the fire truck with the exhaust fumes wafting over our covered tables, but in a couple of minutes, revved up the big diesel and turned on the primary nozzle on top of the truck to give the kids a refreshing shower some 30′ away after the nozzle’s water had time to break apart by shooting up in the air.

We do the alternate entrance to the basement, and there my glasses sit.  I throw them on, thank the people, and we head out the other door, closer to the bikes.

The ride back to Crane was another 2 hours of going south, then east, then south, then east, etc.  We kind of skirted the clouds overhead, and sometimes didn’t.  One time, turning back east, we had to wait for a train of Harley riders go by followed by 8-10 cars.  Then it starts pouring.  We get down to 35 in a 65, maybe due to the bunch in front, but there is too much traffic to pass, and too much rain to see terribly far.  Fortunately they took a wye of ‘Old US-66’ off to the right, and traffic picks back up.  The rain had nearly stopped also.  This road officially quits and merges on to I-44, and I see the cause of another slowdown, the car in front of the SUV in front of us doesn’t like curves.  No problem, they merge on and we stay in the entrance / exit lane to immediately get off to highways Z and O.  Several minutes later, we’re heading the last 15 miles into Crane and rain and wind and lightning starts with a vengeance.  The trees are wobbling around overhead, one of them dropped a branch ½ the way across our lane.   I look for a place to wait it out, but by the time I see one, I’m already by.  We continue into it dissipates and roll into the grounds starting to dry, but my old suit doesn’t protect me any more and I am cooled by evaporating.   Steve mentioned he picked up my tent after the wind blew through the campgrounds.  I did mention previously that I put it up, but didn’t staple it down.  The three of us walked across the stream to Subway’s for supper and head back for rally awards.

Earlier, Steve did not get a door prize, but apparently missed his number, as his number was called and the door prize and Steve met.  Mine was last year’s Rally tee.  Dave got the geezer’s award as their club’s old guy was not eligible, but showed up so the two could reminisce.  Long distance was a pair from Florida.  Youngest rider was 45.  I heard of two numbers for attendees of 67 and 70.

I actually got up and showered in the morning.  Steve took off while Bob and I were packing, and we left right at 7.  I think I was home by 11, and have been attempting to dry my camp gear since arriving home.  Leaving it out, it rains and bathes my gear.  Let’s see, this happened for another 4 days before I get it all dried and folded and picked up.  Meanwhile, Skiatook lake goes from 17 feet down to only about 3.  Yeah, a lot of rain.

Something else

Here’s a pic of equipping your off road ride on the cheap.  CatLitterIt accomplishes its goal, I think it is waterproof.  The yellow and its wording are definitely visible.  What do you think?

I may have mentioned in a previous post, this year is an Iron Butt 10 day 11,000 mile run.  They occur every 2 years. The riders took off from Albuquerque on Monday the 29th of June and will be returning to the same location in 10 days.  Some interesting items; The most senior rider is 79!  He’s attempted this before.  BMWs represent 33 of the field of 67.  The smallest bike is a Kawasaki Ninja 250!  (My basic MSF course in ’94 was done on a Ninja 125.)  They are watching the fellow with the R100GS and the other fellow with the R1100RT with 200K already on the clock.  Find out more on this year’s web site for the Iron Butt.  Check out the farkled bikes here.

Many will be doing a number of miles this summer.  State lines are unimportant, other than the speed limits in the state, and the diligence of the officers within that state.  Gas taxes are different for each state and can make a difference in prices you pay before and after a state line.   Again, Oklahoma is near the bottom at being 47th, but we like it that way.RedBlueGasPrices