2015 May Newsletter

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  • Great Meeting in April
  • Rides!  Really?  More Input Needed
  • Choose a New Rally Site

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Vice-President: Rex Brown j.rex.brown@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


Next Meeting
Tuesday meeting – May 12, 7 p.m. Martin Regional, 2601 S Garnett.

Anyone wish to dine before the meeting? 6:00 pm at Casa San Marcos, 2170 S Garnett – just north of the car wash. If you speak Spanish, it may help. I just point. They know English better than I know a foreign language. Good food.

The subject this month is the location of our rally and promoting our club… by actually riding! Check out the calendar, I’ve stuck 4 mini-rides to 4 restaurants this month.

Looking at the April issue of the Owners News – MOA’s monthly magazine, I see Kendall Johnson, Wes Fitzer and Bob Gillespie attempting to make Oklahoma place in MOA’s annual mileage contest. Folks, this is sad. Oklahoma had 13 entries! Yes, I’m guilty too. If you are a BMW-MOA member you’ve got till the 11th of May to register your bike’s smileage (as Voni says). I’ll have to bring some extra forms to the next meeting. We ought to have enough present to certify your bike’s mileage. If you have more than one bike, bring ’em all. I’d like to see 50 registered for Oklahoma next year. That would move us ahead of AZ, CO, FL, IN, IA, MD, MA, MO, NH, NJ, NY, OR, SC, TN, VT, VA, and WA.

Rally Work
Need to divvy up the Indian Nations Rally into groups of responsibilities.


  • Supplies – TP
  • Food – selection, purchasing – outside contracting, cooking serving – most intense.
  • Prizes and awards
  • Tee design and purchasing
  • There is a plethora of stuff I’ve missed.

A new site is being sought to host our rally (see notes from the last meeting below). Lets talk about potential rally sites:

Pawnee City Grounds next to the fairgrounds.

We have a large and not so large building that are not that much to rent for a weekend.  Each building is air conditioned and as a kitchen.  The big building’s kitchen is more robust – gas stove instead of electric.  The grounds are nice and we’re right next to Pawnee where restaurants and stores should have what our campers desire.  Problem?  One shower per sex.

Moore’s Flying M Ranch – east near Inola, north of US-412.

Sounds nice, but haven’t heard back from them.

Honey Creek State Park outside Grove.

They have several building spread across the property with bathrooms (and showers), again not very many.  About 8 for both sexes.  The camping is deemed ‘rustic’ and most of it is on a slope that eventually drops away into Grand Lake.  No kitchen, but can rent a covered pavilion with a single power outlet.

Bernice State Park outside Grove – 8 miles.

They do a nicer job in keeping the grounds mowed.  The property is relatively flat and probably have 6 showers for both sexes.  Cooking is the same as Honey Creek – a rented covered pavilion with a single outlet.  Personally, I like this place best, but cooking and cleaning dishes involve an outside water spigot.  Cooking is difficult with a single outlet.  Wonder if a 50 amp service could run a stove?

Copperhead Rally grounds – Spavinaw

Gonna see this place and report back.  Privately owned grounds for running the Copperhead Rally twice a year.  Offer the property to weddings, events, parties, and perhaps, even us.

Upcoming Events and Rides
Ralph had an interesting idea: The semi-annual Iron Butt is this year. The riders are taking off on their impossible 1,000 miles / day stint from Albuquerque on the 29th of June. Some fans like to see the heavily farkled bikes, and wish ’em well leaving the parking lot. That’s only 650 miles over there. Chew up about 1/13th of your tires’ life. (One way). Motel information has not yet been disclosed.

Another similar ride is the Texas Picnic at Love’s Park, north of Jacksonville, TX. Go down there, get back with about the same miles on your tires as a one way trip above. This is on Saturday the 16th of May. Take US-69 the whole way. There are shorter routes, however.

Kansas’s rally is the end of the month at their new location.  A bit further north at Atchison.

Club Rides calendar

Time             Day         Date               Restaurant             Rendezvous At

10 a.m. Saturday, May 9 – East to “I Don’t Care” in Inola – QT at 193rd East and 412.
11 a.m. Sunday, May 17 – South to Fin and Feather – QT at Old Hwy 51 across from Blue Bell
12:01 p.m. Sunday, May 24 – North to Murphy’s Burger, Bartlesville – QT at OK-20 & US-75
1 p.m. Saturday, May 30th – West to Sugar Britches, Sapulpa – Dewey & 75 – QT at 61st West and I-44.

These are all MY suggestions. I’m perfectly game to go to other locations and much further.

No one wants to arrive wet, so I’m not going to ridicule you if you don’t show up on a nasty day. I know I’m not. We’ll see how this works

Last Meeting
We had a good, intimate meeting with all of us gathered together in the BIG auditorium because our regular room was occupied.

I mentioned previously about have N / S / E / W rides every weekend to restaurants rides and other things and it would be announced in the newsletter. I don’t know how well that will work. I’m wishing to go to Bartlesville to a long time eatery up there this coming weekend, but according to my live in meteorologist, Saturday is going to be wet, and Sunday will be worse. Also, it is Mother’s Day. We have the GroupMe app, of course not everyone has joined. Rex has proved proficient in sticking little notes in the club’s web page and they get broadcasted out to those registered. I’m thrilled that Mr. Hill jumped out and said, “Let’s ride!” Anyone contact an email at the top of the newsletter by Wednesday, and we can contact everyone interested. The more it happens, the more it will show up. So I need to start. Where to start.

Norma Jo said other clubs ride to, ride from, hold meetings at various restaurants within 100 mile circle of Tulsa, then ride from there. Norma Jo’s trike group goes to a different place every WEEK. They cannot go to the same place twice in one year. Saturday or Sunday rides to Bartlesville, Canebrake, Fin and Feather, Sam and Ella’s Pizza (don’t order the chicken), I Don’t Care, Tahlequah, Okmulgee, Sand Springs, Claremore were all mentioned,

Last month I wrote about Jeff Hill, Rex Brown and myself doing a Sunday ride and passing by Moore’s Flying M Ranch. I looked up their web site and noticed they were open to weddings, parties, church outings, family reunions, etc. I contacted them and they returned email about meeting with us to see if something could be conjured up on our upcoming rally/campout. I replied a couple of times about our status in letting others in the club to know about their interest, and then decided to meet. No response. I’ve called their voice mail system and requested a return call. No response. My last phone call was Friday, May 1.

Found from Rex that since we rented all of Gobbler’s Ridge, we got the state mandated discount for multiple reservations and the Hoot Owl Pavilion came with a fixed # of reservations. Heard from Norma Jo that she knows the people who reserve a number of spots in Gobbler’s Ridge and have the Hoot Owl with their reservation. They have a family reunion, and the middle of September is when it is celebrated. Hence, we’re looking elsewhere.

Another suggestion for a rally site was one of the Adventure sites along the Illinois river normally catering to floating down the river. Come September, they may not be as busy on the river and have the opportunity to draw some additional funds.

Also Claremore’s Fairgrounds has a couple of acres of camping and buildings with showers and cooking facilities.

Norma Jo talked about some discussion with Ken with the Springfield club in somehow combining the resources of the two clubs. The point is that Springfield has a great location, the city park at Crane, and would us joining pull in more people?

Another discussed location was Walnut Creek on the Northeast side of Keystone lake. But if I remember correctly, that has been dropped from the State Park system as not having enough traffic to support it, so it’s been closed.

We looked at the Corp of Engineering park outside Barnsdall, Birch Lake, for a club campout that was washed out. It is not as green or nice as Greenleaf nor do they have the facilities to support much more than 20-25 people.

The city of Coweta has a fairgrounds with a building for handling cooking. It is located behind the high school’s grounds.

May be under consideration is the type of rally that Naturally Beemers hold in Arkansas at Morrilton, which is a minimalist rally.


During my stint, I dropped in on Ed and Imogene Dresher, part of the original starters of our club. Got to catch up on what the retirees are up to, found out that I was born 7 months before they were married, and asked if the club could borrow their BBQ smoker / trailer for a weekend gathering if so inclined. It uses Oak and some other hardwood, has new tires on it several years back, and is ready to go. Ed Dresher and his rolling BBQ.  Who’s got a hitch?


I attended the BMW Riders of Oklahoma‘s meeting at Panera Bread back in April and ran into Bryan Herron and about 10 others in the back room. Most everyone had synthetic jackets and in the parking lot there were about the equivalent number of BMW two wheelers in GS, RT, S and K models. The meeting seemed to vary off subject much like ours does. I remember listening to roofing work and individuals’ jobs before and during college. They do vary their meeting locations, having shorter meetings at various restaurants, say, as far away as Eureka Springs.

Speaking of the Riders, last Saturday the 2nd of May was an open house at BMW of Tulsa. Looked like a lot of trade-ins outside in the parking lot, and all the new stuff lined up inside. Next to the windows was the food table, still with loads of goodies still there when I arrived at 2.

We also brought up Wes Fitzer’s comment about finding it difficult to get to evening meetings. Which opened random chat about meetings at restaurants, or at a shop, and then go for a ride to a restaurant on Saturdays.

Check this out for some fun locations. Wonder what is the history behind each?

Ride Report: Blitz to Branson
Dave, Bruce, Anita and I ran to Branson for the 20th anniversary of the event. Closing in to Branson on 127 we caught up with a couple of Harley riders out for a ride. Upon hitting a right turn yield, one of ’em pulls off his glasses and starts to clean them. Traffic was clear, so I went around. Apparently that was the wrong thing to do, as Dave did not get to pass, and we had a sequence of me, a Harley, Dave, and another Harley. We were all held up in the curvy sections by the 4 wheelers ahead of us who reduced the fun factor, but didn’t get overly cautious around the corners. My Harley buddy stayed up with me. Finally outside West Branson, we parted ways. Dave said the fellow was working hard to keep up with me. From my rear view mirror and lack of sporty riding, I didn’t think there was any riding that made someone ‘work hard’ in keeping up. Still, it was just rude to stop and assume you’re not holding up traffic.

There was about a 50-55 attendance level, possibly due to the severe weather forecasted. Saturday, I joined some others to shoot over to Bentonville for one of their open house / free lunch events. Over there I saw Norma Jo, Myron and Mary Ann Raider, along with a crowd of others. I finally hit rain about 10 miles out, and grabbed my hamburger and said “Hey” to everyone, then headed back east to visit my friends at Wagon Wheel Resort outside Peel AR. Going into Eureka Springs was BORING as I caught up with a fuel semi and a couple of cars around him. I’m not sure, but think he might have done better if he had no traffic in front of him.

Had a good visit and headed back to Branson. I took 265 off of US-65 South of Branson for a more interesting ride back to the motel. Got to go over Table Rock Dam, the spillway, through the parks, and down one of the steepest 4 lane boulivard streets my friends had informed me of when turning onto 376. It ended at the stoplight that was right across Shepherd of the Hills Expy.

Dinner was with about 8 others at the Mexican joint right behind the Conference Inn, a group picture under the IBMWR banner and gasps and applause hearing Dave, at 90, rode his own bike to the event.

Come standing time to figure out how many people have been to ALL the Blitzes, only the Glaves were standing at 19 years (they didn’t show last year), and no one was left standing for all 20 events.

I think Dave and I were nearly last out of there Sunday morning as we took the safe way home, Springfield to Tulsa via I-44. No rain. Actually it got warm and I stripped off a long sleeved shirt in Joplin when we stopped for lunch.


Kendall brought up a little article in a recent issue of Consumer Reports. Noting that the testing group within Consumers’ Reports haven’t done much, if any motorcycle testing, as deemed by the articles printed on the subject, came out with a list on the most trouble prone manufacturers. Yamaha had the

Reliablity by brand

Brand Percent failed
Yamaha/Star 11%
Suzuki 12
Honda 12
Kawasaki 15
Victory 17
Harley-Davidson 26
Triumph 29
Ducati 33
BMW 40
Can-Am 42

The report wasn’t specific on testing and reporting criteria. Personally, my bike has had some issues, but it is comfy, gets decent mileage, and handles better that I do. Just turned 80K, think I keep it for a while longer.

ConsumerReports.org report.

Gas has less octane, I’m getting larger, I’m going faster, bike is wearing out.  When I went to Ohio to pick up my pre-owned 2 year old RT, I decided to do a better job of logging all events in its upkeep.  Just do what Kendall does.  He has a notebook, I use a spreadsheet.  The chart below is the mileage for each tank of gas when I filled up the bike.  There is a thin line going through the middle starting at slightly over 50 to about 46.  It is the spreadsheet software trending my decreasing mileage.  Look for yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.20.14 PM

I do need a new rear tire….