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  • Great food detracts from good meet
  • Plan for weekly rides

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Vice-President: Rex Brown j.rex.brown@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


Next Meeting
Our standing location at the library, Martin Regional, 2601 S Garnett, Tuesday, April 14th at 7 p.m.  I was pondering weekend rides.  Sometime ago I read a letter to the editor in MOA about one fellow’s solution to weekend rides and weather.  He wrote about planning four rides, one north, another south, east and west.  Friday night/Saturday morning he’d look at the forecast in his area, and unless it affected his home directly, would go away from the prevailing fronts and generally had a dry, good ride.  SO!  With that in mind, how about rendezvousing at a QT at each of the cardinal compass points from Tulsa as a meeting place, and heading out.  With an opportunity to get gas, water, bathroom break….  The web and Oklahoma Travel magazines have gobs of locations and restaurants to hit, over a period of several years, we probably will not hit the same place twice.  Hell!  I’m sure T.W.O. has identified a number of spots.  Now… Saturday or Sunday?  I’m hoping knowledgable foodies know some good places.

Last Meeting
I took a cue from the good turnout at the recent club sponsored dinner at Margaret’s in The Farm shopping center, and gave this German restaurant a try.  I know a couple that came for the cuisine and the non-watered down European beer, but after the meal I think it distracted us and very little club business was carried on.  We did talk about rally locations, Greenleaf, and meal preparation.  Until I get another bug in my ear about other alternatives…. I got a bit surprised when I left, but my fault.  Without looking at the menu I just asked for the daily special, which was very good, along with the price.   

A Short Ride
Got an email from newcomer Jeffery Hill wanting to get out and go someplace a couple of Sundays ago.  I added Jeff to our GroupMe and sent out a notice. Rex Brown joined us at the QT also.  The last one to show up, I topped off the tank and pulled over to our group, away from the Harley group, the Honda group, the Sports Car group that were all getting ready to go someplace.  Rex informed me the Gold Wing Interstate painted like a zebra belonged to the people that own Dong’s Guns, Ammo and Reloading.  After fiddling around with our Sena intercoms, enough buttons were pressed on the devices to establish a three way conversation.  Interesting, while the helmets were yet to be placed on our heads, the mics and speakers were generating an echo effect.

Heading east on 412, we turned north on a road Jeff was familiar with and went by Moore’s Flying M Ranch, which he informed us they farm catfish and are open once a month.  I see a food ride coming up!  Further up, a right on to OK-20 through Pryor and Salina, back south past Pump Back up to Chimney Rock Lake on the back roads to 412 again.  East to Kansas where we stopped for a couple of burgers, then south on OK-10 along the Illinois River.  We calculated the Sena’s linking algothrim when Rex and I started blasting down 10 and left Jeff a bit behind.  Maybe he doesn’t like passing on the double yellow, but we don’t do it either, and caught up with us at the bridge construction of single lane traffic.  Despite our close proximity to each other, since Jeff was out of sight, our communication was nil.  Apparently the Senas established Jeff’s device as the focus point.  Once he re-appeared, communications was re-established.  Turning on to the bypass around Talequah, headed back west to Hulbert and went north.  Nice bike road.  Narrow, curves, and low water crossings.  Avoid it after rain since the gravel and sand washed from the driveways will be strewn across the road.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.49.11 PM

Rex stopped to take a few pictures in Peggs.  Further north to Locust Grove and headed back west to home.  About 5 hours and less than a tank of gas.  It seemed to cool off during our ride, but we hit a humid warm front and the temps actually rose about 10 degrees.

Vacancy in Peggs

What else is happening
Last Saturday I dropped by the monthly business meeting of BRO – not brotherhood, BMW Riders of Oklahoma, that other group formed in Tulsa.  Bryan Herron, the president, greeted me warmly and introduced me to the others meeting at Panera Bread.  From the clothing and BMWs of the two wheeled variety outside, I may have been one of the few that arrived in 4 wheels.  Their meetings seem similar to ours, laid back with club business degenerating into chat and bench racing.  Still, I’m glad I went and look forward to doing events, meetings, with them and perhaps dragging in the remainder of NEOBMW members too.  They are a no-dues membership and are still arranging with MOA to get the club acknowledged nationally.  From what I gathered, meetings are Saturday and the location travels from month to month.  Next month’s meeting in May conflicts with the open house at BMW Motorcycles of Tulsa, so they are going to skip to attend the open house.  I believe they’ve established a Google Group for their club, and Bryan sends out notifications to keep them all synced.

I learned from Bryan, Hallett has a couple of motorcycle lapping days coming up for $125/day.  April 20 & May 11.  Hit their website and click on “Events”.

BMW Motorcycles of Tulsa also have a ride and an open house coming up.  The ride to Rock Cafe in Stroud is on the 18th of April, and their open house is Saturday, May 2.  Visit their web site for more info.

Other Upcoming events.
In addition to the couple events I quoted just above, apparently the last Blitz to Branson is happening the 17-19 of April at the usual place.  It is just a rumor, but with the founders gone or backing out, the draw may not be there any more.  Make reservations at the Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center, Branson, Missouri,  3598 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, 1-888-386-3648 and tell ’em your with the Internet BMW Riders to get the special weekend rate.  Send a note to neraksr@gmail.com with your city and name to get on the list.

Norma Jo has been busy accepting messages directed to the club of various functions happening in Oklahoma and around the country.  Such as;

May 16 – Duluth, MN – Aerostich is having an open house.  Nice 600 mile jaunt for the 1 day event.

May 23  Tulsa – Route 66 Patriot Car & Motorcycle Show – One of the beneficiaries is Folds of Honor.  Think we can see the WWII sidecar rig several club members were involved with back in November?

Apparently there will be a number of members heading to the MOA national in Montana in July.  Just to beat the heat?

The RA national in Arkansas I’ve mentioned before, just a tank away.  I like the directions:  Take 412 east.