March 2015 Newsletter

BMW Club Newsletter

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  • New meeting location – Margaret’s!
  • Original rally date to be used – Sept 18-20!

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert –
Vice-President: Rex Brown –
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw –


Next Meeting
After a little discussion with our other officers and the successful dinner we had a Margaret’s German Restaurant, Rex broke the ice with Margaret and on Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30 p.m.

Margaret's German RestuarantWe will gather for dinner and our monthly meeting at Margaret’s German Restaurant in the Farm Shopping Center at 51st and Sheridan Road.  Should you not wish to eat, the meeting hopefully will commence soon after 7:00 p.m. Join us sooner if you wish.

There has been discussion regarding meetings on Saturday mornings, and even the survey put out to the membership shows a preference in that direction.  I hope to discuss this a bit more to get additional ideas.  Discussing the original intent of the club’s founders, a Saturday meeting may find a number of members out and about and perhaps attending rallies in foreign cities during weekends of our meeting.  Yes, yes, I know other clubs do this.  Come prepared to discuss.

Looking at other rallies in our vicinity and dates, I’ve come up with a preliminary date of September 18-20th for the Indian Nations Rally.  This is yet to be carved in stone, as reservations have not yet been made.

As I mentioned earlier, it is the beginning of riding season, so it is time for this club to become active.  Another item of interest is a tech day.  I’ve been to a couple of Airhead tech days in central Oklahoma, and to a club’s tech day down in Dallas.  While their projects may be a bit beyond what we wish to do on our first occurrence, we can start at something small and have a roundtable discussion.   Something like; changing brake pads or how do I sync my Sena bluetooth with more than one person?

Last Meeting
Dr. McBratney has a number of other things appearing in his retired life, so has stuck motorcycling back as a fond memory.  Still having some things around the house, he collected a box of goodies that I attempted to pass out.  I still have some straps, a Bead Rider that I heard was swapped for a bottle of wine, some gloves, some winter items.  I pulled out one of his head warmers and used it to shovel snow.  It ended up being too warm, but makes a terrific skull cap while camping and sleeping in the chill.  I’ve tried a stocking cap while camping in the past and would wake up multiple times putting the cap back on.

Our club’s cooks, Norma Jo and Anita who did so well in providing for last year’s rally, were already in the corner planning this year’s menu.  Apparently with materials from Sam’s, our expenses for BBQ this year could be greatly reduced.

Dates were discussed in our upcoming rally this year.  Do we make it the same weekend as the national RA Rally?  Nah.  An adjacent weekend?  Something that isn’t the same as someone else local.

Upcoming Events

Nearby motorcycle events and BMW rallies in our area.

  • Blitz to Branson – the IBMWR group are meeting at Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center on April 17-19th of this year.  Call 888-386-3648 to make your reservations, and mention you’re with the IBMWR group for the special rate.  Don’t forget the special awards that are passed out for unique accomplishments. With a little creative thinking, you may get one yourself.
  • Land of Oz – the Kansas rally has moved.  Now they are outside Atchison, at a state park northwest of Kansas City. It’s 65 miles further from Tulsa than the former site at La Cygne State Park. Scheduled for the end of May, they are the first rally in our area this Summer. A well established rally, they kept us fed and entertained. I’m looking forward to seeing their new site so I’ll be heading up there on May 29th.

MOA’s calendar of events now allows you to update your personal iCalendar. Comes with dates, times, locations, etc. It is a nice feature. Hopefully they will expand it to support other formats.

It is time to ride!  March is usually the ‘most white precipitation month’  in Oklahoma, but also the beginning of riding season.  Hell!  John Moore already completed the Passport Oklahoma in January, but hasn’t ridden much since. So what’s your excuse?

 Club dinner – Margaret’s German Restaurant – The Farm

A number of us gathered at Margaret’s at 6 on Saturday to eat and chew the fat, none of which was served from Margaret’s great fare. I saw a number of doggie boxes leaving the place with more than they could eat, or desserts heading out the door. Good to see Ken and Jerry Jones from Claremore and they got with the retirees at the table’s end talking of their travels to Scotland, done and coming up.  Rex and Brad dropped by an event earlier that day, and were recognized as ‘those T.V. guys’, and became selfie fodder. Despite T.W.O. not being on the air for a while, they are readily recognized.

Club History

Bla bla bla.  When the club was formed, in an effort to conserve funds and generate camaraderie, meetings were held in members’ homes, rotating on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule.  Everyone brought a hot dish, the host providing dishes, flatware, etc., to eat and drink with.  The biggest issue with doing this was getting a new person to catch up with our schedule. “Where are we meeting? At whose house? Got the address?”  “What day is the meeting?”  This went on for years.  Remember an earlier statistic when quoted within that are club was about 45% women?  Well, understandably they got upset at having to cook every time there was a meeting, and we migrated to a restaurant that would have us.  After Legends shut down in Owasso, I started meetings at the Library.

Elections for officers, dues and club special events were coordinated at the end of the year in December and January.

A committee was formed around October to canvass the membership requesting members to run for office the following year.  The resulting names were presented in the December meeting.

The secretary would print ballots for officers and mail them out to all the members.  Another field placed on the ballot was “Member of the Year“.  The name in the field members put in were for performing the most work for the club, popularity, traveling the most, whatever.  This form would be anonymous.

The secretary would print additional forms to be mailed out to all members requesting next year’s club fees, along with the member’s names and bikes they currently rode and the mileage on each bike documented.

There would be no December meeting.  (Am I right, I don’t remember).  Instead there was a gathering of food and drink, again at someone’s house, and everyone would bring food and a wrapped gift.  After an evening of eating and frivolity, with all the gifts brought, we’d play Dirty Santa.  Upon one of these events lasting past midnight, an additional rule of 3 steals was engaged.

In January, the secretary would collect all the ballots, determine next year’s officers, and compute mileages of each person by comparing this year’s renewal form with last year’s renewal.  The difference between the two forms used in computing miles traveled for each year.  From this, a first, second, and third place mileage was created.

A restaurant was canvassed to have our awards banquet in January.  The club paid for dinner and we celebrated afterwards.  The secretary took the dais and announced the top mileages for men and women members, then officers for the new year.  The change of officers took place, then the fun started.  The second part of the Awards.  If you missed a turn, got stuck in the mud, got a driving award, etc., most likely another member with you saw, and it is up to them to creatively announce this incident to the entire club.  Great fun since everyone is eligible to being embarrassed.

For Sale
My name is Derek Hoover and I have a BMW Motorcycle that I am interested in selling. I spoke with the BMW Deslership in OKC and they suggested that I get in contact with some of the local BMW Clubs to get in touch with some enthusiasts who understand the quality and craftsmanship that go into these bikes. What I am trying to sell is a 2013 BMW HP4 Competition. If you have anyone interested or know of anyone I would be greatly appreciated if you would be able to pass my information along. My email address is and my cell number is 808-445-3177