February 2015 Newsletter

BMW Club Newsletter

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  • K&N’s year end Discover Oklahoma party
  • My visit to Iron Lightning BMW

by our starting to ride reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Vice-President: Rex Brown j.rex.brown@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


Next Meeting
Perhaps our last club meeting on a Tuesday will be held February 10 at Martin Regional Library, 2601 S. Garnett at 7:00 p.m. It’s the day after my dental appointment. We’ll auction off some items (see below) from a club member who has retired his riding boots. And gloves. And seat cover. And… well, you get the idea.

Anyone wishing to join me or others before the meeting, I’ll be dining at Big Anthony’s, 8115 E 21st at 6:00 p.m. Great BBQ from what I’ve been told.


Nuthin’ big – My first 4 collection points from K&N’s Passport Oklahoma.

Nowata Bowling Ball DisplayWith one of our members already completing the Passport Oklahoma competition I knew I couldn’t compete for first-place. But I need to start!  Getting on the GROUPME messaging system, I send out a general invite on Friday last, requesting anyone who wishes to ride along to have lunch in Miami while I collect locations.  Jim and Rex both respond.  The 11:00 am start time allows a bit of time for the temps to rise, and will put us in Miami around lunchtime.

Arriving first at QT on 163rd East, I top off the tank, figuring this wind will probably drop my mileage some.  I pull to the side, and see Jim Loggin depart from Arbys across the street and meet up with me.  With his new Sena, and mine just upgraded the night before, they won’t sync.   Maybe Rex will have an idea.  Jim’s phone beeps and a message from Rex says he’s not coming due to the wind.  An unfaired GS isn’t any fun in a healthy cross wind, much less two-up and when it is not in the 70s.  Our party is complete, so off we go.

The half sun and 57 degrees when I left home have disappeared once we jumped on the interstate. The temperature is slowly dropping.  I’m glad I have my new electric jacket with me.  Although not plugged in, the quilted thickness is welcome in keeping me warm.

We proceed up I-44 doing the limit plus a couple and maybe more.   Since the wind is out of the NW, the trucks we pass are barely felt.  When clearing the front end, do I feel a bit of the truck’s bow wake.   Others see the absence of authority vehicles and we are passed by those who notice whose vehicles are not bothered by the gusts.   Despite the RT’s fairing, I am blown around my lane a bit.  I guess if I was more attuned to the wind, I could prevent SOME of it, but this is supposed to be a relaxed ride.

We jump off at Big Cabin to take a picture of the Indian Chief right across the turnpike entrance, then jump back on. Taking the cloverleafs at speed is fun on the BMW, but I do keep a vigil of the road in front to insure no spills or sand is in my path.  Despite still maintaing a indicated speed of 80, I keep the transmission in 5th due to the wind drag.  With only 500 rpm more at speed, the bike is much more responsive, and I leave it there until we turn around and go WITH the wind.  Jim and I both notice the valleys on the ‘pike with surrounding trees make the riding decent.

Taking the Afton exit, we cruise up US-69 to the bottom of Miami.  Heading more directly into the wind, but with a lower road speed, the buffeting for me is greatly reduced.  Jim and I head up the re-built Main where there is a Harley shop, a Motorcycle Museum that was one of last year’s checkpoints, and the refurbished Coleman Theatre.  Another couple miles and we’re at Wayland’s KuKu Burger.   Apparently back in the 60s was a chain of burger joints counting 200 stores.  Jim confesses that the wind has surprised him, as one gust knocked him about 5’ sideways!  With the temps down 10 degrees, I attempt to plug in my electrics, only to find my critical piece that has the coaxial connector to the jacket is not with me.  I’ll have to suffer along with just the jacket and my other layers.  Fortunately, we’re heading home at this point, and won’t be out in this much longer.

Fed and relieved, we suit back up and head the 3.5 miles north to Commerce to capture the most NorthEast checkpoint.  Then back through Miami, down to Afton, a single stretch of the pike, off at Vinita, and over to Nowata to pick up the Bowling Ball exhibit in this fellow’s yard.  I’m wondering where he came up with all these balls!

Gravel road to US-169 and south to Talala to see the concrete truck barrel painted like a space capsule about a mile off of 169, then home.    I’m cool, but not cold, and it takes me a couple hours to warm back to normal.  I found my electrical connecter hanging on the other jacket, still in the closet.

A ride of three

Kendall, Bob G. and I did a short ride on Wednesday for coffee, lunch and a whole bunch of chat.  Meeting up in Collinsville, I go for a froth made hot chocolate while the others imbibe the non sissy stuff.  Kendall likes that jigger sized cup.  You paid HOW much for that?  A U in the street and we head to Barnsdall to have our photos shot with the Main street oil well, another

Oil Well

item on the Passport list.  I’ve now gone from 1/5th the list being done, to 25% complete!  Pull out your math books and solve the problem:
x(1/5) + 1 = x(¼)”, or “x/5 + 1 = x/4
How many checkpoints are there?  Looking closely, the pump’s shaft is painted and the electrical cord to the motor is unplugged.  Can’t even see an outlet.  Me thinks it don’t run no more.  Wonder how many people would buy a house next to an operating pump jack.  We now head off to lunch in Pawhuska via some of the multitude of roads in Osage County.  After lunch, we all basically head off in separate directions, I going to the city offices in Sperry to find a gravestone in the city’s cemetery.   Run into a nice gal who isn’t put off by my worn out, faded Stitch.  Then I make the 2 mile ride to pay my respects to Wanda and Dean Emerson.  Wanda comes first as she joined the club before Dean did.   Interesting to see the Motor Maids logo carved into her side of their marker.

2014 Celebration of K&N’s riders – Passport Oklahoma

On Sunday the first, I met up with Bruce Persons, Bob Gillespie, Norma Jo and Myron Quapaw, John Moore, and about 125 or so other riders collecting together at the Stokley Event Center for snacks, soft drinks, BBQ lunch, and fun in distribution of prizes and awards videos and meet with others in our love of motorcycling.

John Moore receives his second Over Achiever Award.

No motorcycle branding, as it is open to any and all, and you could see it in the crowd.  I’ve never been there before, and thought it kind of small, but it filled the bill perfectly, with most of the tables having room for some more.  The collection of neon lit and non-lit signs was astounding.  It would drive Mike and Frank from American Pickers nuts as the walls and ceiling are filled with these advertising signs from the Fifties, and beyond.  As it was explained to us, before computers, this room was set up to create billboard sized signs that were painted and stitched together, then put up on a billboards around Tulsa. With the availability of this room, the collected signs from over the years were refurbished and mounted to create a very unique party room.

We got to briefly meet with our table mates, finding out about them, watch videos K&N had assembled on the screen, then a collection of shots taken from the images all the participants had included from their “Passports” that were turned in from the prior year of hunting down locations along Route 66, last year’s theme.

After lunch, the presentations were started.  The first 30 completers (is that a word?) were called up to select a gift and have their picture taken as a whole. Special mention of John Moore, who was first to complete the last two years, with all the locations found and turned in within a month of obtaining the checkpoint form.  He was given a plaque of his achievement also.  (I guess they will ask for it back to update it, as he has already completed this year’s checkpoints, and it isn’t even spring yet!)

I left the place with nothing, other than food and drink, new people that I’ll wave to when I see them on the road, a really nice glass picture frame and good memories.  Hell of a deal for $10!  Still home in time to see the kickoff.

Iron Lightning BMW

Down in southeast Tulsa, I drove by the Tulsa dealership and took a peek around.  I hadn’t been by since the BMW instigated updates had been performed.   The first thing that caught my eye was the number of new bikes lined up in a semi-circle upon entering the structure.  Seemingly, they had one or two of every version that BMW puts out.  I saw a semi-circle of stainless fixtures on the ceiling, basically over the bikes and banners of all sort BMW hanging from those fixtures.  Wood flooring seemed new to me although it may have been there earlier, I don’t buy a new bike every 2 years and my parts purchases are not very often.  They did successfully replace my blown driveshaft several years ago.   I peek over the parts counter and see some new type of BMW device on the floor.  Without my glasses, I look again.  I see the littlest, next employee in an infant carrier, asleep.  Upon stirring, Carita sweeps into another room to take care of business.  Left to wander around the sales floor, who should come out to discuss BMWs with me, the owner Bill Ewerling, as we chat about design, the K1600GLT big boy that he can’t keep in stock, hence the two Harley trade ins at the front door, and the liquid cooled rest-of-the-line.   More of a buddy than a salesman, I enjoy the attention.   He also explains to me the basic difference between the GLT and GT in the 1600 series.  Finally!  Now I know.  After he retreats elsewhere, Carita addresses me by name and inquires if they can assist me in anything.  A class act.  No, I’m just looking at the new upgrades.  Not shopping at the moment, but attempt not to drool on the bikes.  A good visit on a Tuesday afternoon.


A longtime club member has sold his bike and left a number of things behind.  I think an auction is in order to disburse these motorcycle-centric items with the club getting the proceeds.   The following items will be available:

  • BMW Service CDs – Windows
  • F & R Alaska leather sheepskin seat covers in black
  • Olympia gauntlets in black – medium
  • Alpine-star gloves – large
  • Brake bleeder syringe pump and hoses
  • Bead rider
  • Baklavas for winter riding – 2
  • Silks helmet protector
  • Pro helmet glove – forms a seal between the helmet and neck for warmer winter riding
  • Miscellaneous 12v cigarette lighter sockets on cords
  • Packable self storing camp pillow
  • Tank bag cover
  • Aluminum side stand food w/cord
  • Zentel headlight protective plastic – scraps
  • Protective clear coating for body panels – scraps
  • Bicycle tube repair kit
  • Throttle rocker
  • Miscellaneous strapping

Newsletter Submissions

I need pictures and stories for the newsletter.

New & Renewed Members

We had a good turnout of renewal of memberships with:

Bob Gillespie

Jeff Hill

John Moore

Anita Persons

Bruce Persons

Norma Jo is attempting to collect MOA & RA membership numbers to maintain the club’s association with these national BMW clubs.  We gain certain privileges in being associated with them, plus our rally can be advertised free in each organization’s magazine.

Upcoming Events

Our 2015 Rally

We’ve not set a date yet, even tho’ being queried from OKC on when we will meet so their campout at Talihina doesn’t conflict.  I looked at Fin and Feather’s event calendar to find out when this year’s Annual Fall Festival for them is, and will schedule a different date.  They approached me about their event during our rally last year, happening on the same weekend, and we posted a notification.  However, I didn’t know how popular the event is, and received reports of traffic issues from some of our riders heading in that direction.  So, we’ll attempt to avoid that weekend.  Informing OKC that we won’t be doing that weekend, gave them a weekend to plan for.  I’m assuming that our crowd was not much of an impact to their event.

We (the NEO club) used to do an annual Easter migration to Fin and Feather for their official opening of their banquet and stuff ourselves to the gills before leaving.  You could tell by the BMWs wobbling out of the parking lot, heading back to Tulsa.  We should do that again. Maybe not Easter, as it generated a 45+ minute wait.

MOA Rallies

See in the February issue a number of clubs have already scheduled and published their annual event in the back pages in the Owner’s News.  In the past, I’ve made up a checkpoint listing on the map of the United States under Google to show when and where the events take place.  It got kind of crowded.  RA is now doing the same thing.  Good.  It was an effort to say the least, and my testosterone infused body has limited the reading of instructions on how to accomplish the same thing under Google Maps given the new procedures.  Perhaps to make it easier to view, I’ll do one for each month.  It won’t be so jam packed and may make it easier for travel planning.  There are a bunch of events in the east.  What is the most eastern event you’ve been to?  I’ve gotten to Tennessee and Michigan.  Norma Jo was there in Michigan.


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