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  • Move the Meeting?
  • January Club Dinner
  • RA National – Just a tank away!

by our sit-at-home reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Vice-President: Rex Brown j.rex.brown@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 13th, 7:00 p.m., Martin Regional Library, 2601 S Garnett (east side of the road).  Anyone who wishes to join me and others for dinner before the meeting, I’ll be dining at Taste of China. Buffet at 11360 E 31st.  On the south side of 31st just east of Garnett.  Just a bunch of us to eat before the meeting.  6 p.m.  In plenty of time to make the meeting north on Garnett.  Hopefully, the construction at 31st & Garnett will be completed by then.

I am sending out a survey regarding our meeting day and time of day.  Our existing meetings were set in the days the club was organized, and basically haven’t changed since. We’ll have to make a change to the club’s bylaws, as it currently states when we have our meetings. I haven’t been following the decree, and wonder why it is in there. With a nomination, we can vote it out! Progress is all for you.

I hear the BMW RA National Rally is being held about a tank of gas away (180 miles). Oktoberfest in the Ozarks will be held the first weekend in October in Harrison, Arkansas. We need to figure out if we wish to associate or disassociate ourselves with that event by holding our club rally on a weekend adjacent to the RA event, or not, which for them is Oct. 1-4.  I think others that have done this were disappointed at the turn-out at their event. We’ll discuss.

The OKC club has already put out feelers when to do their annual campout vs our club’s new rally date in September.

We haven’t done a year-end dinner (club sponsored), so January is about time to do that.  Look for notification at  your inbox.

It is annual renewal time.  BMWMOA and BMW RA is requesting our member’s national memberships for our little club to remain associated with each national organization.  Those who are, let Norma Jo know so her documentation sent in to the national organizations will get us recognized.

That said, is it time to renew your own membership with us?  A direct contribution to Norma Jo at the next meeting will work, or do it online via Square here.

Curious to know how many members will be making the RA event in October.  Not that far away, our club should make a good turnout.  The MOA in July will be a bit further in Montana.  Still, I know of several that will be attending.

Through my limited number of Facebook friends I’ve been watching others travel to various places throughout Oklahoma for places to eat. I’m thinking the Discover Oklahoma people have put out a booklet of various locations to go in the six areas of Oklahoma. Even Two Wheel Oklahoma has good suggestions.  I bet that I haven’t been to 1/10th the places this site recommends! These could give us opportunities to make an event out of it various times throughout the year.

K&N is doing their banquet for the 2014 Discover Oklahoma ride.  If participating, you should have received  your invitation.  2015’s ride promises to be ‘strange’ with a $15 entry fee.

Last Meeting

Despite the cool (30°) reception, a fair number of us turned out.

Jeff got himself a new motorcycle-oriented Tom Tom GPS and was interested in all the bells and whistles available to him and advice from other members. I need to upgrade mine to that style.  As my water resistant car unit, with the USB Mini power jack, isn’t up to the rigors of bike life. It’s gotten me from here to there, but approaching a rally site with the intermittent power causing the unit to boot multiple times wasn’t providing reliable guidance.

Jeff was also discussing Bluetooth connectivity and intercoms.  I think Rex and I were guiding him toward Sena while others suggested going with the Scala Rider. If you allow me to input my bias, Sena is actually a communications company specializing in Bluetooth industrial solutions. They’ve come out with the SMH-20S with Bluetooth-4 which offers twice the range of my SMH-10 unit utilizing Bluetooth-3 technology. Claims of communicating with other makes of headsets on the market sound like them attempting to become the do-all product.  Both makes now have similar claims for their newest products.  Also noticed on Cardo’s site communication devices for bicycle riders.

When Rex, Kendall and I were returning from Birmingham from the RA rally, we split up at Memphis, Rex on I-40, Kendall and I on US-71 which parallels I-40 for a while.  Rex and I continued to converse on our separate roads until he out-stripped me on I-40.  When he ran into construction, I picked him up again and we spoke until Kendall and I outstripped the stuck traffic on I-40.

IMG_1247A question was raised was how we ride together. Personally, I like to keep enough distance between us if someone wants to pass, they can do it one bike at a time. I’ve found that two of us in fairly close formation (using my standards), is harder to get around than a semi with a trailer.

A Tulsa World article about the BMX Nationals at the fairgrounds, of which Bob Gillespie represents one of the more senior members, his grandson, one of the mid-younger ones, therefore was unable to attend. Unfortunately for Bob, new blood in the 61 and older group has joined, making it harder for Bob to place in his age group.  Now the fairgrounds are re-using that dirt for the popular Chili Bowl coming up.

Trials riding was brought up about various locations around Tulsa used for practice and competition.  Zink Ranch, up by Skiatook, Osage County near Sperry, between Cleveland and Mannford, Grand Lake, and the reasoning of why each area was abandoned.  Dave commented about one location being good since that location had a number of large rocks!

I alerted a web note about “The Tail of The Dragon” being marked off-limits to large truck drivers.  Had a video of a bike following a semi through the curves, taking up both lanes.  See the story.

Dave reminded me to bring more club cards next meeting.  Members carry them to stick under windshield wipers on others’ BMWs they see while out and about, acknowledging the club.  Dave saying he does it while riding.

Chaos!  Hijack the meeting!

Jeff had the fun of experiencing the joy of changing out a headlight bulb (H-7) on a R1200RT. Years ago, I remember “helping” Bob McBratney swap out the wrong one on his RT.  Made the incident twice as long. Apparently the learning curve does not aid in swapping out the 2nd bulb.  Both resulted in scraped knuckles.

A suggestion of putting the officers’ pictures and contact email address on the cover of our web page.  Our technical guru says pseudo email addresses can be set up to forward emails so our actually email addresses are not publicly published.

I did a quick survey (one location) on relocating the meeting site to the west side of Tulsa at the Case Activity Center in Sand Springs.  Despite the name of “Northeastern Oklahoma…” in our club’s name, and only meeting once a month, since we weren’t a Sand Springs organization, they’d have to charge us.  In addition, we’ll be sending out an online survey sent to your email address for your opinion on changing our meetings from Tuesday nights to another choice, one of which will be Saturday mornings.  Members are already voicing their support.

I had made reservations for a dinner in December.  Since I couldn’t resolve our digital mailing list with prior members and exceptions, to send out an invite would have left some in the cold, which didn’t seem fair. I canceled the December dinner. Look for it to happen in January. An invite will be sent out via email also.

The meeting got random into BMW and the dealerships, OKC, Tulsa, Bentonville, Sandia, Plano, Brookside Motorcycle, Kinetic Playground, Guzzi, Piaggio, Ducati, Zero.

Another discussion got into helmets.  Jeff was wishing to update his, previously riding solo, now his wife wishing sometimes to accompany him. Rex found a great sale late last year at Honda of Tulsa where he scooped up something he desired, but not available in the color he wished, but at that price? Discussion was on Schuberth, Arai, Shoei and others with and without flip-ups. Stay away from those with built in communications.  Heard they are proprietary when it comes to talking with your buddies on the road.

Dave gave an interesting statistic about our membership.  Back in the time we had 60 members, 48% were women.  I haven’t officially checked, but a number of wives rode their own bike, and several club members did not have a husband to tag along.

Heard the former Iron Horse is now officially BMW Motorcycles of Tulsa and has gone through the architectural change mandated by BMW for a dealership.   I would like to see the differences between dealerships.  Will Tulsa’s location look like Oklahoma City’s?  Bentonville will become independent should they be forced to conform, as they say they can’t afford it.

Safety Safety Safety

Back in the July 2014 newsletter I summarized a story in the paper / web about a young Canadian woman who had stopped her car on the highway to lend aid to some ducklings and their mother crossing the road back in 2010.  A father and daughter on his motorcycle were caught unawares and died running into the back of her car.  Her sentence was 90 days in jail, 10 years of no driver’s license, and 240 hours of community service. USA Today  Back in the earlier years of the club, a member was westbound on his bike on 412 between Sheridan and Yale.  Something was happening on the shoulder  and everyone was looking.  Unfortunately for the rider, the pickup in front of him stopped on one of the inside lanes.   Thus, a couple of years ago when the Admiral Twin was on fire, and I was passing by going east on 412, I became EXTREMELY aware of the traffic around me.

To summarize, motorcycling is a visual sport.  The rear view mirror in my car obstructs my view, as do the posts around the windshield.   The view to the rear is blurry free from the mirrors, as I have yet to ride a bike (I haven’t ridden many) with clear images in the mirrors.  Hopefully I will recognize something rocketing toward me and I’ll be able to react appropriately.  The rider’s attention needs to be there 100% of the time.  I’ve been lucky since mine is not up there, and fortunately, others were watching me and dealing with it.  It shouldn’t be that way.


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