November 2014 Newsletter

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  • Call for Officers
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Upcoming Events
  • New BMWs in Milan

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert
Vice-President: John Moore
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Next Meeting
As  before, 7:00 p.m., November 13, 2014 on THURSDAY – note the day change. Next year we will have all Tuesdays, but we reserved this year’s schedule at the beginning of the year with other groups already having our favorite dates.

Last Meeting

We had a low key meeting with about a dozen showing.

Anita had brought some scrumptious cake for us to snack on. What was it, carrot? Yum!  I think someone found a coffee dispenser next door to supplement it.

I brought in another receipt for expenses for the rally thus we didn’t get a profit/loss statement yet.

We spoke of the comments our rally goers had about our event.  “Large Area”, “Trees”, in addition to “Need more toilets and sinks”.  Anita’s Cole Slaw received rave reviews whereas the stuff brought in was best described as ‘soupy’.  Others commented on the BBQ brought in was no taster than Sam’s.

Our bylaws state that BMW-owning members in good standing are to be presented to the membership during the November meeting for election to next year’s officers positions. I think I could hear a pin drop. If you’re interested in serving as a club officer for 2015 please contact me.

Rex did some additional magic with Square Deal and our web site and set up online ordering for the excess Tees we had left over from the rally.  I volunteered to handle the mechanics of the transactions, printing, stuffing and mailing so some more shirts may be gone come next year.  Paula likes hers.

I brought up a small campout like we attempted to do last year, or some type of outing. There was some minimal discussion before the subject was dropped.

Our club customarily has a Christmas dinner and Fai Jow’s Noodle Bar was mentioned. Being a member of the club with several BMWs in his shed, I thought he’d be a good suggestion. One fellow mentioned that Chinese noodles with a cooked fish staring back at the consumer is not the customary Christmas dinner to which he was accustomed. Fai laughed when I recanted the story at a recent Wednesday Night European Bike Night. I’m thinking the further away from Christmas we have our dinner the better. Our members will have other events to go to, in addition to reservations getting more and more difficult the closer to the end of the year. Another suggestion was Margaret’s in the Farm for German fare. It was brought up that we can have more than one club sponsored meal per year. The event is not in the bylaws and the membership can vote to spend the treasury for our benefit.  Another location was the restaurant in Forest Ridge Golf Course.  They have openings that get tighter as the year wanes.  Great for group functions and meals.

El presidente brought his Thermarest cot for show and tell. Everyone got to see the difficulties in assembling one of these (the trick is to be stronger than the pieces that make up the unit), but hopefully, the resultant sleep is deeper being 4″ off the ground vs rocks, pine cones, sticks, holes and lumpy dirt beneath the tent, against your back.   Down in Fredricksburg, I kept waking thinking about the fire ant mounds surrounding my tent.  There are two styles to choose from, the ultra light, and the slightly cheaper.

Therm-a-Rest Cot & Members
Therm-a-Rest Cot & Members

I went with the slightly cheaper.  I’ve never ridden two-up on my RT, so the extra weight on the bike really doesn’t make a difference.  If I lose the weight my doctor wishes me to, I could carry several at a net weight gain of zip for the bike.  In addition to the styles, they can be purchased in several sizes.  Until Therm-a-Rest came out with these choices, the original manufacturer only had one size.  Too Small.   As you can see on the web site, the unit is offered in a couple of lengths and widths.  Looking back, I may have been better off with the biggest in width, but I’m pleased with the unit I have. Cascade design makes ’em, but can be found at other camping suppliers like REI and Amazon.  My issues with the cot is my tent is not quite big enough to assemble it outside and then slide it in.  So, I assemble most of it outside, slip it in, then put in the last two stays, then have to flip it over, which my tent is also just a bit too small, but I get it done.  Due to these difficulties, if I was just camping for a single night, I most likely would not use the cot.  I’ve been known to motel it to and from an event.  Although the full length is not shown, you can see some of the six ‘stays’ uses to support the user.  Instructions with the cot show an alternate configuration for using only 4 ‘stays’ to support a lighter sleeper.  Unfortunately, I am a light sleeper, but I am not light.  You know what I mean.

In the background is Myron, Norma Jo checking on, Anita who seems to be taking a nap, Bruce, and our guest, Daniel Williams with a statement.  Isn’t he polite!  I don’t remember the last time anyone raised a hand to say something.

We welcome any and all interested in our club and motorcycling in general.

  • Daniel Williams

Upcoming Events
Cajun Swamp Scooters near Lafayette, LA, about 540 miles from Tulsa.  Friday night Cajun fixins and Saturday night  Cajun cook off. Not too far from the Gulf for some interesting riding.  Nov 7-9.

European Bike Night at Ming’s Noodle Bar, co-sponsored by Brookside Motorcycle Company still every Wednesday at 6:30.  Fai will fire up the Dragon Hearth to keep us warm if the weather is chilly.  His 3 Dragons Chili Oil will do the same to the food.  Last time I went, talked with Joe Metzler about the old Atlas Cycles building that was used as a pawn shop for a while, when Joe went down and spent hours identifying BMW and Guzzi parts for the owner.  He also informed me there is documentation in the form of service manuals and DVD instruction videos and was going to check with the realtor to see if it is still laying around.

Other Notes

K&N‘s annual Passport Oklahoma entries need to be finished up and turned in December 1. I don’t even have half the checkpoints.  John Moore took me under his wing and we captured the first 8 or so back in January. Then I dropped the ball, and John as usual, finished up collecting the entries and was first to complete his.   Remember; Some of the locations have limited hours and are not open 7, or even 5 days a week. May pay to call ahead.

S1000XR-aBMW Motorrad announces two new models at the EICMA 2014. The adventurous version of the S1000 known as the XR and the naked F800R.

There’s still time to jump on a transatlantic flight to Milan to see the show this week!


You need to check out this link.  BMW has put the K-1300 engine (160 hp) in basically a GS frame.  Whoo-whee!  I need my GS to go 130+ mph!