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by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert
Vice-President: John Moore
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Next Meeting
Tuesday, September 9th at Martin Regional Library at 2601 S Garnett at 7:00 pm.

A number of upcoming events, including final preparations and countdown to our Indian Nations Rally, Sept. 26-28.

Last Meeting
Show and Tell this month was a set of Italian boots made for industrial use, Police, Fire Fighters, Forest Firefighters, etc.  Rugged looking things, made by Jell-O, er, Jolly. Apparently only one importer of  My one-size-too-small BMW boots were making my 2nd toe on my right foot complain about the room.  At that time, I pulled up my foot to rub the spot through my athletic shoe and someone mentioned they didn’t need to see.  Sorry folks, I wasn’t going there.  The new boots don’t have that problem, with the left foot having excess room for guests to join in.  I need to find a fellow with my size feet, on the opposite sides.

Our guest who hails from Texas, spoke a bit about himself and why he was up here.  Not recognizing the detail on his tee, I made a comment about the motorcycle he was showing.  Nope!  It is a bicycle tee, and looking closer, could see the front brake caliper within the artwork.  He looks like he attacks bicycling a bit more intensely than do I.  I used to total about 100 miles on 3 rides a week,  but looking at him, he can probably do that on one day’s ride.  He and Fai and John and John and I will have to compare notes some day, but first, where are we riding?   Unfortunately, the sign-up sheet apparently didn’t make it over to him.

Dave Carter
Dave’s new hat.

Mr. Sharp brought up contacting the group about impromptu rides. The previous Tuesday was in the 80s and excellent for getting out, which he did.  He would have liked to have had company. We have set up a group texting feature through GroupMe.  The free service is for sending a text/SMS message to a number of people. It can be used via smartphone, tablet, not-so-smart phone or desktop. If you use the app on your mobile device it allows you to include photos, maps, etc.

Our intent is to distribute updates to members when someone gets an itch to go on a ride, or eat breakfast or something club-related. Sending this message to the  club’s group automatically distributes it to all members. If you’d like to be added just contact one of the club officers as you have to be added by a member of our GroupMe. There is an app for your smartphone or tablet from the GroupMe website.

A couple of meetings ago, I gave a short talk about the GPS ‘tracks’ that my Garmin generates from my trips across the country, or just down to Quik-Trip for a tank of gas.  Downloaded to the computer and then loaded into a free app on the Mac – a Windows version is available also, of Google Earth.  All these ‘tracks’ are kept as a series of files in the form of “ACTIVE LOG: 08 FEB 2013 15:23“, which is meaningless to me after a month or two.  Fortunately I can rename these Tracks to what I want, and I decided to put them in date order, such as “2013/02/08 15:23 Uncle Tom’s Funeral“.  Therefor it is in date sequence and has a short reminder on the purpose of the trip.  Usually BMW events.   With about 150 of these collected, I’ll do about 20-25 a day and finish ’em up in about a week.

Another freebie off the web for collecting logs of your trips and matching them up with digital pictures taken on the trip is Garmin’s Base Camp, from Garmin’s web site.  Available for both Windows and Mac, they’ve really beefed up this program to do more than the previous product did and incorporating another trip program they had that is no longer offered.   One feature of the product is the ability of synchronizing the GPS log with a digital picture’s Time Stamp to give the picture geographic coordinates of where the shot was taken.  Pictures in cities I have no problem with.  Scenic snapshots of various backgrounds, I don’t remember where one or the other is taken.  This feature of plugging in a GPS coordinate within the picture’s JPEG file has been around for years, some cameras having built in GPS receivers, other high-end models having the ability to put the company’s GPS receiver into the camera’s accessory slot.   Sony or someone pioneered the GPS receiver that you’d put in your pocked and it’d keep track of your location all day, would be hooked up with your home or laptop computer and a supplied program so when you imported your pictures from the camera, would slap on a GPS coordinate based upon the time stamp of the picture and the GPS log.

Ming’s and Brookside Motorcycle European Motorcycle Night
by John Moore

IMG_0405On Wednesday, August 27th, the first weekly European Bike Night was held on the large covered patio deck at Ming’s Noodle Bar located in Brookside at 35th and Peoria.

Brookside Motorcycle Company is the major sponsor, along with Ming’s.  About 16 – 18 riders were present and everyone enjoyed the fantastic food that is always available at Ming’s.  BMC owner Paul Rogers and his wife Michelle hosted the event, along with Ming’s owner/chef, Fai Jow.  NEOBMW club members present were Ralph Simoni, Randy Metzler, John Moore with son Colin.  There were a wide variety of motorcycle brands present in the parking lot including BMW, Aprilia, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Triumph and others. BMC is well known for nice second-hand bikes, and recently became the local Triumph dealer. That rounds out their Euro-centric lineup with Aprilia, Beta, Moto Guzzi and Vespa. The Zero electric motorcycles is Paul’s domestic offering. Stop in and take a look at some of the many beautiful new models on the showroom floor when you are in the Brookside area.

IMG_0406This event will be held weekly on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30 pm. Please consider attending one of the future Euro Bike Nights and bring your appetite.  You will not be disappointed! Fai offered one of his signature dishes – Smoked Brisket Egg Foo Young – for only $5 for the bike night attendees.  This selection has become a big crowd favorite at Ming’s and was enjoyed by many who attended Bike Night including John Moore. John’s son, Colin couldn’t resist spicing it up a little and ordered his favorite Ming’s dish – Chicken Lo Mein.  The warm weather plus the tasty and spicy lo mein had Colin wiping his brow by the end of the evening.  Also offered at special Bike Night prices was the specialty Belgium beer “Delirium” and various wine choices. Fai had a constant stream of appetizers being delivered to the table that included pork rinds, various chicken wings and spicy pickles. All food at Ming’s is prepared from scratch and the flavors were plentiful and exotic.

The food is wonderful and the crowd is friendly and interesting, so do plan on attending a Euro Bike Night at Ming’s Noodle Bar. We all hope this event will become a Tulsa/Brookside tradition!

Breakfast Rides
Dave, Jeff , Gary and I took off @ 9 from QuikTrip near Skiatook and did a leasurly ride up OK-11 to Barnsdall to have breakfast at a local eatery up there.  I thought they were a bit overzealous on cooking the eggs, but nothing was swimming in bacon fat like the last place I was.  I wrote a separate piece of the trip and MailChimp distributed it among the masses.

Gary and I met at QT next to the Turner for another ride for waffles at the monthly breakfast presentation at the new OKC BMW dealership.  Since no one else showed up, I really didn’t want to ride back from OKC with temperatures approaching three digits, so we went to a little place at the main intersection of downtown Sapulpa,   Sugar Britches.  I enjoyed their fare.  Their fans on Facebook rave about ’em.

Upcoming Events
A popular mid-distance, great mountain riding event is the annual Bavarian Mountain Getaway at the Sipapu Ski resort some 20 miles SSE of Taos.  Getting there and back can be done in a day, but is more fun with friends taking their time and sightseeing along the way.  Their event is on Friday – Sunday, September 5-7, the weekend immediately after Labor Day.

The weekend before,  Sat & Sun on Sept 20-21 will be the Oklahoma MS-150 bicycle ride, The Mother Road Ride 2014.  This year, the park in Chandler will be the Starting line, the Finish line, and the overnight location, as riders head out on Route 66 eastbound, then westbound.  Motorcycle volunteers, or any volunteer, should contact Christine Bluford via the MS-150 webpage.

Another single day event on Saturday the 20th of September is the annual Lone Star BMW Riders Hamburger Cookout held at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, immediately south of Sulphur, OK.  Hit their website to register yourself  and optional guest.  The All You Can Eat is a measly donation of $5 and is held on Saturday, September 20, from Noon to 2 PM.  Coordinates are 34.49719, -96.98334.  About 145 miles one way.  Hit their web site to register and see who else has registered.

Indian Nations Rally
September 26-28, Greenleaf State Park— Registrations are streaming in and we have one or two RV spaces left. Save ten bucks and register now. However the sale of 50/50 raffle tickets has been slow. If you have the opportunity be sure to tell folks about the raffle- right now their odds of winning are pretty good!

For those of us involved in the preparation for the rally, take a physical inventory of what you have so we don’t end up buying a second and spending our profit.  I’ll collect and collate to compare with the master list.

Nearby at Fin & Feather a Fall Craft Fair will be going on the same weekend as our rally.  Nice ride over to spend an afternoon and perhaps have lunch.

May 16, 2015 – Nixa Sucker Day – just south of Springfield, Missouri.

I was notified by my dealer that the fuel strip that measured the level in the tank that I had to pay to replace was now covered under an extended BMW warranty.  Couple of days ago I received a letter from BMWNA stating the same on ’05 – ’13, certain models.  The extended warranty on this issue is for 12 years, unlimited miles.  Last night, I got a phone call from the dealer confirming my address to send my check.  That was trivial vs the driveline problems.  Maybe?  Hope!  Well the bike is running well, and the gas gauge is calibrated differently than before, but it is accurate!

While at the dealer last month, they also checked another recall about the composite plastic flange where the fuel comes out of the tank into the threaded hose.  Mine wasn’t cracked, and the fix for it was putting a re-enforcing ring around the flange.  I guess it is covered up to replacing the fuel pump assembly if it is cracked, since at that point, there is no fix.

Running home on OK-97 from Sapulpa to S.S., I had a healthy crosswind while maintaining the speed limit.  Took me a minute to notice the flags waving across the highway.  Then I smiled, knowing why I appreciated my RT.   I’m looking forward to the 2nd Oklahoma riding season of NOT WINTER, NOT SUMMER.  I’m not a ROUNDER.

malloy-aeronautics-hoverbike-19An Aussie company, Mallory Aeronautics, is attempting to develop an Air Motorcycle.  The inventor, a fan of the Star Wars’ riders in the original movies in the early 80s, had inspired him.  Has gotten far enough to go through Kickstarter, a fundraiser web site.  In the foreground is the tethered model the inventor has ridden.  Note the shrouded BMW R1200 engine.  For more lateral stability, the second model has come up with a 4 bladed version seen in the background.  He makes third sized radio control models to test his theories, and has come up with an innovative change design to the typical ‘Quadcopter’ in which the blades partically overlap each other in the front and back.  What is interesting about the model, is the front twin blades, and the back twin blades and their housing will fold over the main chassis making the overall size much smaller in transporting.    Reading the specs for the engine, it states it uses Regular Gas.  Personally, I don’t know that regular is in Austrailia, but here, it’d perform better with premium.  I like the Aussies.  A number of years ago I reported a ‘portable’ fire pump that was based on a R1100 engine…. a year before MOA had pictured it in their magazine.

Other Stuff
World’s Fastest Indian”  We’ve all seen the movie.  Apparently Burt Munro is still making speed records…. after being dead 36 years!  His son, John, was looking over Burt’s two run documentation at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and found a discrepancy in the average.  Before calculators, everything was done by hand.  His speed record was entered erronously.  John contacted the AMA and sent them images of the original paperwork, and they sent out a new Landspeed Certification.


For Sale
1996 Moto Guzzi California 1100i (mostly original)

  • Original owner–
  • Less than 5,000 mi. on the tires–
  • 7-33 rear drive extra ($500 value)–
  • Seat recently re-upholstered–
  • Extras–

CONTACT: John Dickinson (918) 340-4465 leave message, or NOTE: As is, no warranty implied or expressed– $2,000 OBO

Free to Good Home
$100 Gift Certificate for Works Shocks- won at the BMW MOA national and have no need. Come to the September meeting and it’s yours if you want it!