The Club’s First Breakfast Ride in a While

Eight thirty in the morning last Saturday the 16th had me at QuikTrip on the road to Skiatook.

Takeoff is scheduled for 9 and the place is hopping, but not so bad that I can’t find a slot at the end of the line to park.  First in was Gary Sharp on his first BMW, a R1200C.  He’s ranting about the BMW part ($$$) that popped off on a return trip from Bartlesville on the left side covering the guts underneath the tank.   He wants to re-run his route to see if it can be found, but on the left side, it was probably ran over.   BMW still uses those rubber grommets that the pin of the cover pops in and is supposed to stay.  I remember those.  I think like Gary, we prefer the screws.

Jeff Hill slides in next to us on his almost identical ’08 R1200RT that I have, less 60K and still shiny.

Then along comes Bronson, er Dave.  You have to be older than 50 to remember that late 60s show I allude to.  Pops a couple bucks into his pants, and at 5 after, we’re off.

In the lead, I catch up to a Hyundai Veloster that brakes for the little “S” curve just north of Skiatook on OK-11.  Although in front of seasoned riders, two of ’em I haven’t ridden with and don’t want to split the group passing this car.  First uphill, we slow down.  HUH?  What’s the deal.  Upon closer examination of the Hyundai, see a temporary tag on the rear end.  OK, time to dispatch.  Am subsequently followed by the group.

Gary later remarks about the following pattern of BMW people, vs Gold Wing people vs Harley people of which he’s ridden all.  Yes, we were staggered out about ¼ miles in alternate lanes, with me going willy-nilly between the left and right tire path.

The 19 miles to Barnsdall is quick as we jump over Bird Creek, and there’s the restaurant on the right.  Pull in next to a couple, each riding a G.W. 1800, his with a used temp tag getting ready to take off.   I ask how’s breakfast?  “Just in for a glass of tea.”

As we’re filing in, the waitress is waving the only menu at us, and we plop down for coffee, water, and ordering.  Eventually we all go for the big breakfast, and with drinks, made all our servings around $7 or less.  It was good, having meat, eggs, hash browns, and biscuit and gravy.

Discussion was on local rallies, local rides, local places to eat, how to pack, what’s a Kermit chair, how to contact the membership for upcoming rides, what events are coming up next?  How about the …., nope, that’s already been done this year.  How do you pack all that stuff on a bike.  Well, what ends up does not enhance the lines of the bike.

Mr. Hill’s been on Beemers since a late teenager, and Mr. Sharp is trying out his first with the R1200C.   Most everyone has someplace to be afterwards, Dave continuing on to OK-99 to go home and swap the bike for the car.   I follow Jeff, and he turns left back on to OK-20 while I head straight south to go home, whipping my Zink Ranch to catch 97 home.  I’m in the house before noon.  Good, it is going to get warm this afternoon.

Next weekend, Saturday the 23rd we’ll meet at QuikTrip next to the gate to the Turner to have waffles at the OKC BMW dealership they do monthly.  To get there by 10, we’ll be leaving at 8.  We’ll be shooting straight down I-44, I-35 west to S Meridian, going just about a block north to Reno, then a right turn to backtrack just a bit to Hudiberg Circle.  I’ll get to try out my cool vest on this ride heading home.

For those who want to hang around, or just go later, OKC BMW is doing an afternoon ride to BBQ at Blanchard leaving out at 4:30 that same day.  Hit their web site for additional details.