May 2014 Newsletter

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  • Blitz to Branson
  • Google Earth & GPS log example
  • GROUPME: texting for rides
  • Upcoming Events
  • New Members

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert
Vice-President: John Moore
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw



Next Meeting
Again, we will be meeting at the Martin Regional Library on 2601 S Garnett in Tulsa.  This will be on Thursday, May 15th at 7 p.m.  Our normal day of the week has been pre-occupied by another group, so this change will only be for this month.

After handling necessary club business, a short story on both the Branson Blitz on those who went (there was 4 of us – 6 including those from Broken Arrow – with really Crisp COOKIES!), and the ride to the Pawnee Steam Show, then news and a short report on the club’s rally, I will be turning over the reins to Fred Storer – a retired engineer from Phillips Petroleum who has turned an analytical eye to road safety, and a subset – motorcycle safety.

© Motorcycle Consumer NewsFred spent 34 years with Phillips Petroleum Company. He started as an environmental engineer and held several positions across the US, England, and Australia. Fred was the director of Oklahoma’s original Department of Pollution Control in 1971 and later held management positions in refining, gas processing, shale, coal, LNG, plastics, and technology licensing. After retiring, Fred has consulted with various businesses ranging from internet start-up to oil and gas research. Currently he is helping a start-up engineering consulting business, Hydration Engineering, PLLC. He is also the founder of Safe Right-of-Ways, Inc., non-profit organization devoted to rural road safety issues. Fred is a licensed professional engineer and obtained his BS and MS chemical engineering degrees from Oklahoma State University. From time-to-time Fred has built and rebuilt sports cars and participated in SCCA and vintage sports car racing. His current project is a knockoff of a Morgan three wheeler based on a Honda 500CX.

He was published in the May 2014 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News and gave his permission to include his article here.  Click below.

Risky Business by Fred Storer

Bikes at the Blitz to Branson
Like most BMW club rallies- all bikes are welcome.

2014 Blitz to Branson by Rex Brown
April 26-27 marked the 19th annual installment of the Blitz. Once again the Honeysuckle Inn & Conference Center in Branson, Missouri was the venue. Since the weather is still iffy in April it’s always been a “hotel rally” and often attracts those less inclined to sleep in a tent. For many this event signals the beginning of the riding season.

About 60 brave souls dared to defy the weathermen’s dire warnings and make the trek this year. Saturday morning offered up a light shower but by 10:00 AM the skies were clear and the roads quickly drying. Riders headed out in all directions to explore the excellent roads of Missouri and Arkansas.

Arkansas 221 near Berryville
So many twisties.

On Saturday evening the “awards” ceremony was typically offbeat as usual. A quick poll revealed attendees had ridden in from New Mexico, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois and, of course, Missouri.

Cierra Reynolds was acknowledged for her Iron Butt accomplishment. Cierra and her dad, Marcus, covered 1525 miles in 23 hours and 26 minutes.  And she’s only sixteen!

Our own Dave Carter won accolades for having the most BMWs in his garage. Fortunately he wasn’t asked to to detail their condition. His prize was a round of applause.

Tech Session
Plugging a flat tire in the parking lot tuns into an impromptu tech session.

Randy’s Addendum: The doom and gloom from the Weather Channel was dire for Sunday. We were hearing the predicted hail and tornadoes that were to greet us upon returning home, were not being fed enough energy to fully develop.  Still, Bob and I left the lot at 6:08 a.m., filled up tanks and tummies in Joplin, and I was maneuvering my bike in the garage when the rain hit Sand Springs, leaving my wife to wait in her car in the rain until I was fully parked.

Last Meeting
Good news, everyone!  We had a 15% upturn in attendance.  March 11th was our first meeting in a new, semi-permanent location at Martin Regional Library. We only had one unfortunate person go to the wrong library. I verbally preempted another from doing the same, so, hopefully we’ll all get here next time.

The room seemed sized for about us.  Our members and others present about filled up the tables around the room, with additional chairs left vacant for more to show up.  Hint Hint.

We approved the previous notes in the newsletter, Norma Jo sez we’re solvent, we’ve got a ride coming up on the 3rd of May, and rally preparation meetings are starting up separate from the regular club meeting.  If you wish to participate in the presentation of our Rally in September, or wish to prepare for it, or just wish to see how it works, please, feel free to drop in, your opinion may be what we need!

We discussed an ad-hoc riding supplement, called GROUPME, that when registered with everyone’s cell-number, will notify all those who belong to our riding group of when someone enters a text, “I want to go riding Saturday morning to Lake Yahola, who wants to accompany me?  I’ll be at the QT on Gilcrease Drive at 9:30 next US-64.”   The author gives his name (as identified by Groupme), where he wants to go (Lake Yahola), when he wants to go (Saturday @ 9:30), and the meeting location (QuikTrip at Gilcrease and US-64).   Only missing is why the author would want to go to Tulsa’s water resevior.  Thus everyone gets an opportunity to be with the author, and we don’t have to check or update the web to inform others of our intentions.  We signed up a number of people on GROUPME, and we plan to make it available to anyone in the club by contacting an officer or Rex.  The first GROUPME connection took place for lunch of a couple of members last week.  It’s been broken in!

The presentation in March was about using the data your GPS collects and presenting it using some of the multiple software mapping programs that exist on the web, FOR FREE, to keep track of where you’ve been, how high you’ve gone, how fast, and how far.  It all depends on extracting the data from your device in a timely manner, keeping the logging turned on and not allowing the internal memory start overwriting itself, or just stop logging since the memory is full.  My old hand-held GPS has a fixed memory for logging, once full, it either wraps, writing over the old, or just stops, the newer one will create files until the device’s internal memory is full.

With that said, everyone at the meeting presented me with their good graces as I plundered my way through the presentation.  My issues were working with a smaller capacity screen, that was reduced even more by hooking it up to the overhead projector which made the output even have less resolution, and I should have brought a mouse.  The Trackpad on the laptop is not me-friendly.  Listen to me whine, whine, whine.

I will attempt to show you in the newsletter, a bit of what can be done with Google Earth, and a simple log of me going to the city’s gym, optician, and Scissors to get a haircut.  The total distance was 5.51 miles, according to the GPS, but let me show you the data I extracted.

The first image on the next page is an image of Sand Springs, OK, with my route in blue.  Below is a graphic of altitude (in red), and speed I was going (in blue).    I can zoom in or out on either the map, and/or specify a starting point / ending point on the chart.  The chart shows my entire trip.  The spikes are NOT me hitting 137 mph, as the chart shows, but, generated by the Garmin Nuvi, when it occasionally glitches and doesn’t catch all the points in a turn, or the satellite signal blocked by trees, it will do a quick ‘catch-up’ and post exorbitant values.  In the middle of the graph, is a vertical black line, set with my cursor.  The red arrow on the map shows that I was parked at the Case Community Center.  Rightfully so, as the basketball court has an elevated walking track, and Nautilus machines at one end.  The pop-ups show I was there for lasted an hour and 40 minutes.

Google Earth with GPS Track
Google Earth mapping of Garmin Nuvi’s Track

Heading back home, I stopped by the optician and had my glasses fixed at the location next to Highway OK-97 & OK-51 for 7 minutes, then 22 minutes, see last photo, for a haircut at Scissors at the little bump shown on the big map before turning back north to go home.

A question Bob queried about was  the files downloaded to Google Maps could be renamed.  You bet!  I often re-arrange them to keep different files from a single trip all togther.  Other applications such as Garmin’s Basecamp can fuse two separate logs into a single file.  Sometimes when you shut off the bike to run an errand or eat lunch, powering off the GPS will cause it to break apart your morning trip from your afternoon trip.  In the example charted above, I shut mine off 3 times, and since there were  the same day, and the same location when re-starting, it kept the record as a single file.  The more advanced GPS devices may have options that allow you to break apart trip logging files.  My most expensive GPS was my first purchased probably about 20 years ago.  Advances in technology are giving us better and better stuff at cheaper prices.  Unfortunately, some of them are regarded as disposable.


Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, May 3, Ride to Pawnee Steam Show 
    QuikTrip – Gilcrease Drive & I-412 9:00 am departure
  • Wednesday, May 7, 7:00 pm Rally Meeting – Randall Eggert, 1204 E 8th St, Sand Springs, OK  918 241 3673
  • Friday, May 16-18, Natural State Rally – Morrilton, AR
  • Wednesday, May 28 – June 1, Ozark Motomarathon
  • Thursday, May 29 – June 1, R.A. Rally – Birmingham, AL

New Members/Renewals
Welcome to our most recent new members and those who have renewed their membership.

  • Paul Rogers; Tulsa
  • David Dunlap; Claremore
  • Mike Woody; Tulsa
  • John Moore; Tulsa



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