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  • Technical Sessions topic of monthly meetings
  • Cold ride start of 2014 K&N Passport Checkpoints
  • New Dealer in OKC?

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert
Vice-President: John Moore
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 11th, 7 pm

I’ve taken it upon myself to change how monthly meetings take place.  Since the club started, meeting time and food have always been associated with each other.  This may be the first time they have been separated.   I.E., the library does not serve food.  The meeting will be at a meeting room requested from and provided by one of Tulsa’s libraries, Rudisill Regional Library, 1520 N Hartford.  The room will be Library Hall which is their biggest room, so I need a lot of you to show up to make it look like we need the place.   It will be from 7:00 pm to 8:45.  I believe in that time we can accomplish what needs to be said.  Hartford is almost a mile east of the Gilcrease expressway, north of downtown off of Pine Street.   If  you are familiar with Greenwood (district, street), Hartford is the next street going east.  The library is on the north side of Pine.  Downtown’s tall buildings  can be seen from the library.  Then next street to the west is Greenwood.  Parking is across the street.  The GPS coordinates are

  • N36.177601°, W95.984374° – or –
  • N36° 10.656′, W95° 59.062′  – or –
  • N36° 10′ 39″, W95° 59′ 03″

The three values above are equivalent.  They represent 1) Degrees & fractional Degrees, 2) Degrees, Minutes & fractional Minutes, 3) Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.  The library locations I picked from all close at 9 pm, and their rules state we have to be out of there 15 minutes before closing.  So, starting this month (March) the meeting will be here.  If we wish to move to a different library, that can be discussed.  Remember, various Regional Libraries close earlier, some as soon as 6 pm.  Other locations already have their schedules full.  We definitely will be migrating to a smaller room in the future.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.38.11 AMThe technical discussion this month will breach the subject of GPS.  Most everyone now has one on their bike.  My gas mileage went down when I permanently mounted mine between the handlebars and I started using its speedometer rather than the bike’s.  I go faster, too.  These things almost eliminate the need for paper maps, but why don’t they?  If you have one, bring it in.  If you don’t, you may wish to listen to the good points and foibles of  features and models before getting your first, or upgrading.  With units being made by DeLorme, Garmin, Magellan, Tom-Tom and others, it is more of a problem picking just what you want.   When I last looked, the options were daunting.  Basically, getting something weatherproof and inexpensive were prime factors in choosing.  If the discussion is successful, we can attempt to cover software on your PC and connecting it to your GPS next month.

Last Meeting: Tuesday, February 11
I met with a couple of other members in McNellie’s at their south location, 7031 S Zurich and we occupied a corner table to eat, drink and discuss club items.  The beverages were about as varied as you could wish, the food great, and the discussions went all over the map.   I’m not sure if I can recall everything discussed, but I’ll give it a try without going into detail regarding each subject.

Oklahoma BMW Motorcycle RallyThe Rally – as said at an earlier meeting, the weekend we had our rally last year was not available due to a pre-arranged event the Army was doing at the facility.  Rex and the reservations people had agreed on the prior weekend.  Once published, we found out that this conflicted with another rally about 200 miles away, the Land of Oz event that has had this weekend for a whole gob of years.  Also we discovered the wandering RA rally at the Skip Barber school in Birmingham was the same weekend also.  What finally clinched this being a bad weekend was the reservations people with the Army said we couldn’t have that weekend either, as it was pre-arranged to go to someone else on another reservation book they had.  Huh?!    Rex worked with them again, and moved it to the fall, when our original Indian Nations rally was done.  So, we’ve gone full circle.  The weather gets a bit milder in the fall, and it will give us a  bit more time to be prepared.  Although everyone did a bang-up job in getting the 2013 rally done in minimal amount of time last year.

We discussed the covered cots available to the rallygoers for the extra fee, and how we can better “sell” them or offer them for those who’d rather not sleep on the ground, and/or set up a tent.   The fall rally in New Mexico at Sipapu put on by the Land of Enchantment club have their host’s rooms free of charge.  They are nicer with carpeted floors and adjoining bathrooms, however the bathrooms are the only available showers in the facility.  (Have you used the ones in the bathrooms on the first floor?)  The Beartooth Rally outside Red Lodge, MT also has shared cabins that are reserved and ‘sold’ to those wishing to pay a little extra.  Again, those are nicer, but the renters still have to use the shared facilities 40 yards away.  We didn’t come up with an ideal method of utilizing ours, but other than club members using ’em, only 1 out of 12 available units was reserved at our first comeback event.

ducatiI worked with our cook and food planner last year, Jim Loggin, who busted a bunch of eggs pulling off the feeding for those who chose to eat with us, and had to deal with equipment that was not 100% up to par.   Going into it again this year, we’ll be familiar with the tools available and can do a better job.  The brownies from last year, due to the oven’s lack of maintaining a good temperature (we’ll bring an oven thermometer) created some tasty brownies, if just a bit on the tough side.  Cut a bit bigger, they could have also been used as side stand supports for the bikes parked in the grass.   I made a suggestion that Jim’s efforts were mostly voluntary and the club exploited his kindness.  Not in a mean way, but this year, we may wish to offer him the opportunity to be paid just like we would pay any other person, persons, or group(s) coming in to prepare food for 200 people for Friday, Saturday morning and evening.   The coffee, water and lemonade were handled by club volunteers.  We will discuss further in a subsequent meeting.

Rex was talking about Brad and his television show, Two Wheel Oklahoma and the production problems and distribution problems of getting their episodes aired.  Rex mentioned picking up a fairly decent, non-working 2nd camera from eBay, and digging into it to determine its problems.  He did fix it by replacing a couple of parts and the issue was totally mechanical.  From there we were discussing the various cameras that are available harleyto be mounted on a bike, rider, helmet to relive our adventures again and again.  Personally I have a GoPro, John has one and another, and Rex has a television studio following him, but downgrades to smaller equipment when he wishes to explore the limits of adhesion his tires give him while doing the routes in Arkansas.   During the escalated bouts of discussion, it hit me.  Roger Bostic had it and we/I didn’t figure it out.  We need to bring technological expertise to our meetings to cover a lot of items our members and others would be interested in to grow our membership!  You go to a national, one of the most participated events are the tech sessions.

Where are we going to meet next month, and the months after?  A very good question.  Other organizations have done their meetings at city sponsored locations, like the library.  Disadvanges are no meals, and you have to leave when the place closes up.  Advantage is there is no distraction of food.  Something like that would have to be scheduled at a slightly later time to allow people to eat before arriving, if they so desire, and the meetings would have to carry some type of order to get things discussed and done in a timely manner.

When I first approached McNellie’s in south Tulsa, they do have a room for meetings, but 20 of us would not fill it up, so they had a fixed charge in reserving the room to compensate them in not selling food to all the people who could occupy those chairs in that room.  It was handled last month with a minimum # of people sitting at a table being able to hear each other.  If more than 5 showed up, it would be difficult if not impossible.  Legends was a great place to hold meetings.

Another member forwarded a note to me about a club in the Pacific northwest picking up a video of  dirt road riding in Colorado and inviting the membership and any others to attend.  Looks like a good draw.  We do have a number of members with equipment to do projection, about everyone has a working computer, or DVD player, and showing a movie on a wall or a sheet (if the wall is not white) would be a nit.  I know I have one video regarding motorcycles, BMW even, worth sharing from Helge Pedersen of Globe Riders.

K&N 2014 Passport Oklahoma
I followed John Moore as we attempted to do as many as the 49 Checkpoints in this year’s passport on Saturday, February 22.  Up before dawn, out of the house and 20 minutes across town to meet with John at QuikTrip on 161st East before 6 in the morning.  Even had time to fill up.  Oh, did I mention that it was 38F?  After zipping up the Will Rogers T-Pike I remembered why I don’t like winter riding, my Gerbing jacket has a hot spot that will give me a 1st degree burn on a spot on my belly, even through the T-shirt I wear underneath.  So it is a continuing adjustment of breathing, thermostat control, sucking it in, and just plain tolerating it vs getting chilled that I must balance.  Once up to Miami, we scoot up the road and I see one of the checkpoints in the town of Myron Quapaw to get my picture taken at the town’s Post Office.  John rides by to inform me he plans to take them in sequence, and heads up to the state line adjacent to Baxter Springs, Kansas.    We work our way down to Miami and see the Motorcycle Museum is still closed at this hour, so decide to fill our time by filling our tanks and tummies, then dropping by the museum again.  This time the proprietor is there and we wander through, seeing the room dedicated to Eviel Knievel.  They also sell recent, worthy bikes by scanning the web, and buying examples to sell, generally all with less than 10k miles.Signpost

At Buffalo Ranch we pose next to the inert one.  The one made of bronze and standing outside the fence, and head to the Packard museum in Afton.  We wait until 10, but still not open to get our Passports stamped, so head on to Vinita.  Fortunately the sun is warming us a tad.  Of course, we are also heading INTO the wind, whereas during the early morning doing 75 on the t-pike, had the wind at our backs.  Fortunately!

Road construction outside of Chelsea blocked the signs we were looking for, and didn’t catch it until we collected the subsequent checkpoint in the next town, 9 miles down the road.

The following checkpoints were like clockwork, if you read the entire description of a particular checkpoint in the Passport, and dropped in at Ollie’s for pie and a float for the required receipts.

Sapulpa, Kellyville and Bristow were easily gleaned, thanks to John who loaded up his GPS with the locations of all the checkpoints prior to leaving.  Speaking of leaving, I hadn’t road since November, and my clutch hand was giving me fits, so bowed out and headed home.  I think John covered two more points, and did the same.

Looking at my GPS’s log, looks like I did about 300 miles.  (Another example of connecting your household computer and GPS device to extract information gleaned from a road trip)  I think last year, a few of us rode in the first week in January just to say we got out.   So, officially, riding season is now open.  A ‘Rounder‘, I’m not.

Ming’s Noodle Bar
Fai Jow was written up in the Tulsa World’s Food section stating his new restaurant on Brookside is scheduled to open mid-March.  They also printed the history of his family and landmark Tulsa restaurants they have opened and ran.  Ming’s Noodle Bar Eyes Opening Date
I’ve also heard he recently got married.

New BMW Dealer?
Norma Jo forwarded me a note about a web site belonging to a BMW Dealer in Oklahoma City.  At the same location!  They will be opening for business on Tuesday, April 1st.  Should we ride down en masse and visit them the following Saturday?  Thanks Mike.

Tulsa’s Famous Potholes
‘Bout November of last year, I was swapping out my front tire and noticed my BMW aluminum wheel was bent.  I was about to ignore it and keep riding with the new tire, until getting the old tire off and found out how little contact there was between the tire and the rim, definitely being a hazard of air escaping.  Talking with John Moore, he suggested Woody’s Wheel Works in Denver.  I borrowed a shipping crate from John and stuffed my naked (minus disc brakes) wheel and shipped it to their location via U.P.S.  for around $40.  They shot me a price, around 1/5th of a new wheel from BMW (which included return shipping), and I told them to do it.  This is where some people will do this, and others not.  The wheel is damaged, and I’m potentially betting my life  Benton this wheel not giving me any grief for the rest of its life.  I figure since the bike was rideable, and I didn’t even notice a ‘thump’ or anything out of balance, it is still usable.   Upon getting it back, we mounted the new tire, John nor I being able to detect where the original damage was.   It has been running fine.  Now has about 300 miles on it.  See K&N Passport paragraph above.

Mall of America upgrade
Saw in the paper that a $300 million financing for upgrades is approved for the Mall of America.  Why is this notice here?  With the MOA National being held at St. Paul, Minnesota, America’s largest mall, with over 400 stores is a jaunt across town in Minneapolis.  Wonder if they have a Harley Dealer inside there?

Upcoming Events
A state-wide listing of motorcycle events entered by members of various organizations.  Check this out for other organizations putting on events, rides, etc.  I saw very few Tulsa events, apparently there is another web site where Tulsa riders post their events to.  I did see a Claremore event.  If wandering around the web you see another good site, let me know, I can post it here.

Here’s one:  April 27 – Race Time! The 2014 Spring National Drags will be held at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, 3101 N Garnett Rd, Tulsa. Gates open at 10.  Run your bike against others, or, just watch.

Here’s an almost 7 year old report of nationwide motorcycle roads.  That be; adventurous, curvy, hilly, etc.  Check out on the web submitted by Harold Duryea, Dave Carter’s son-in-law.  Unfortunately, the web site has a broken link.  It will be up to us to fill it in.  What’s your favorite ride?  Probably get different locations for street and dual sport riders.  But that’s good!

Watched a filler video on RSC-TV the Claremore Public station on Thursday.  The video, Driven to Ride,, is about 6 driven women who ride motorcycles.  One has avoided the stereotypical womanly items, feels more comfortable being with men, and done adventures that most of us don’t even think about.  Like being with a team that has climbed Everest.  Another woman was among 16 males who rode the continental trail, and despite all the jokes about her riding ability from her male partners, was the only one who didn’t fall on that obstacle course of a road.  I don’t know about the background of this video, but 3 or 4 of the women rode Harleys or Harley choppers, the rest road BMWs, and that was it.  Japanese bikes were in some of these ladies past, but no longer.


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