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by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Vice-President: John Moore john@jmooreou.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


Tuesday, January 14th meeting

We will meet at El Fogon Mexican at 6:30 pm as usual.  Say you are with Randy’s group.  They are up the street, on the other side from the closed Legends on 11515 N. Garnett Road.  They will have a room in back for our use.  I will see you there.  The first couple of months we will have a rotating location, so be sure to watch this site for where the next meeting is.

I wish everyone to stay tuned as to where we will be meeting on Tuesday, January 14th for our first meeting this year.  We’ll post a short item about our selection and send out an email notification to members as to the next meeting’s location.

Where We Gonna’ be in 2014?
We’ve had a number of good suggestions, let me see if the list below encompasses all suggestions;

Panera Bread – Some locations have a meeting room that is available on a first come basis

El Fogon Mexican – just up the road from Legends in Owasso – they have a back room that may be eligible for meetings  (Those that showed up to a closed Legends met here in November to discuss our situation)

Tulsa City County Library – has meeting rooms, but no drinks or food

McNellie’s Public House in South Tulsa – Input?

White Lion Pub – South Tulsa – where we had our Christmas Dinner – read further below.  They have several rooms, sized for the number of guests in each party.

Fai Jow’s new restaurant on Brookside may be a possibility.

Things I would like member to ponder in preparation of our January meeting.  I will involve the membership, so come prepared.

I will be maintaining a Google Map showing all of the RA & MOA Rallies for 2014.  When the magazines publish dates and locations, the site will be updated with that info.  Right now, it contains all of last year’s schedule.  Generally since clubs do not migrate their rallies from location to location, or from month to month, it will generally be a fair to middling planning point.  See this website, BMW Motorcycle Rallies, which is also available on our Rally page.

2013 Rally & This year

The Indian Nations Rally was a great success last year.   We ended up with more attendance than was expected, we were all blushing from complements, the weather was a gift from above, and the facility seemed to have been build with our desires in mind.  Only the barracks were underutilized.  The two questions we are currently pondering are the date;  last year’s date is already reserved, so we reserved a week later, which conflicts with the Kansas rally and the RA National rally.  The second query is the location.  Are there other locations that we can work with that will give us and our attendees just as good feelings?

Club’s Activities

We wish to change our image as the ‘do nothings’ to doing something.  Club attrition has been from we don’t go riding.  Well, we do, we just haven’t done it in an organized manner since the 70s & 80s.   How many retirees do we have in the club.  We certainly wish to appeal to all people, working or not and their love for motorcycling by doing something together.  Be it evening rides, weekend rides, restaurant rides, picnics, campouts, tech sessions.   Tech sessions are a different matter from the old airhead days, where the onboard tool kit could re-build a carb on the side of the road.   Not sure if there are enough tools in my kit on my R1200 to reverse flush a fuel injector.   A lot of people are frightened off by the BMW’s electrical system when contemplating adding accessories.   Personally, I’ve found the hard pieces more fragile than the electronics.  Also I would like for members and guests to show up with a favorite restaurant in mind.  I’ve heard of a place just east on OK-20 out of Hominy that would be a good destination.  OK-20 ain’t a bad ride up there either.


As you are aware from the previous newsletter, Legends owner was ready to retire and shut the place down.   A month later, an auction was held in which seemingly every little piece was sold off.  Not a terribly friendly weekend, and I would have liked to have my electric jacket turned on.  The two fires they lit on the parking lot was a place where a number of people congregated before the event took off.

Found out the building was leased and they had to get everything out, else continue paying the lease.  Owner was there earlier and recognized some of the stuff belonging to the club, so gathered the filing cabinet and a number of club plaques to hold until I picked them up at his place near Talala.  He rides a Harley of which I’ve never ridden one, we ride BMWs of which he’s never ridden one.   Talking further, found he spends a couple bucks on his hobby of racing midgets.  Now, I know nothing of the various aspects of racing, but going inside his 2nd storage facility, he showed me about 8 V-8 engines in various states of race-use ranging from 400+ hp to around 800?  Differentials with an inboard disk brake and different sized rear tires to aid in going around the track making all right hand or is it left hand turns.  Anyway, they load a couple of these items into an enclosed trailer, with spare parts, and venture around the country attending events to compete with others.


Pointed out to me on Two Wheel Oklahoma‘s web site is a video recommended for informing even non-riders why we do what we do.  Ride!  I went and explored further the narrator riding his bare R75/6 with the single front disk brake, rear drum, spoked wheels, ignition key swinging in the breeze on the side of the headlight nacelle, and the nice purr of the airhead twin.  Check further videos of the same vein on esurance.com.

And another documentary, confusingly called Why We Ride, will be showing at the Circle Cinema on January 15, 2014.

Other Places to Go

Wandering around the web is addictive.  Canyon Chasers is an interactive site containing user provided routes among some of the best scenic roads in America.  Broken down by state, other than ours, each route has a description, starting & ending points, best time to ride and particulars to watch out for.  This is just one site, there are dozens.

Motorcycle Training

The Broken Arrow Police department are holding four one day sessions in 2014 for safety training.  The cost is free.  Contact them to establish a schedule to attend one of these.  Broken Arrow Motorcycle Safety Course.  Classes are on Sundays, April 6th, May 18th, June 7th, & September 14th.  I was fortunate to attend one of these last year, and was co-instructed by Tulsa mounted officers also.


Looking in the Tulsa World’s classifieds, seeing a number of Harleys for sale, I also saw 3 BMWs!

An ’85 K100RS in blue, a ’78 R100RS and a very nice looking R90S.  Their images look better through the World’s website than on newsprint.

This and That

Let me see if I can get a little info in without offending anyone.

Overheard; Gunny Steve Moore was heard to swap out a ride for another at a BMW dealership.

John-gas-cans-IMG_0318John Moore is out of the country after frantically keeping ahead of the cold front that hit Oklahoma Sunday morning.  I believe he was invited with others and has made a good trip out of going south in Baja California, taking a ferry across the Sea of California, and spending some quality riding coming back up through mainland Mexico.  The rural quality of the ride required the GS, and extra tanks to make it between fill-ups.

Bob McBratney is nursing his wife, Sandy, back to health after she broke her foot and had surgery to fix the mis-aligned parts therein. Until she gets back on her feet, they will both be on restricted rations.  Anyone who has tasted Sandy’s cooking will understand.

Steve McClung, well, I guess all of us, is bracing for another tax period.

BMW has issued a recall of more than 50,000 motorcycles for the infamous fuel leak problem.

I know of 3 of us that completed K&N Yamaha’s Passport Oklahoma.  John Moore completed it before the ink dried on his application a year ago in January.  I completed hitting all the points upon returning from Sipapu.  Bob Gillespie was about a month later, riding some of his miles with Kendall who just loves the ride.   K&N is holding their annual banquet and awards ceremony on the 1st of February.  (Mr. Moore won’t be as quick off the line this year, unless he has already signed up, since he currently is in Mexico.  He did inform me that he’d probably get the passport for 2014 with a full tank of gas!)

Membership Renewal

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