End of a Legends

Last Meeting at Legend’s (almost)

Tuesday, November 12:  Driving to Legends, I see the place is dark, the parking lot empty, save one truck.  Hiya, Norma Jo.

Tulsa World article on Legend’s closing…

We jump on each of our cells and call those people we each have on our respective phone lists to inform anyone we get ahold of that this place is no more, well, at least for tonight.   Those that answer are en-route and we see them shortly in the lot.   A total of seven of us show, and wander up the street to El Fogon Mexican restaurant, where they provide us warmth and sustenance for the evening.  We gather around pair of tables that they said they’d extend should the need arise if and when more members arrive.  Not necessary.  We have Fai Jow, Randall, Norma Jo,  John Moore, Bob Gillespie, Kendall, and heading up the end, Arlen.

After ordering, we attempted to take on Legends Closing, Christmas Party, Norm MacDonald at K&N (recent inductee inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame), the K&N Oklahoma Passport Ride and some cold weather gear that was supposed to be the topic of interest.

Fai Jow
John Moore brought Fai Jow, after spotting him on Peoria riding his pristine R90S and stopping to talk with him.  Apparently he has almost as many running cycles as does John.  I think the number I heard was 4, from that Orange R90S, to a K1200, something else, and a Ducati 998 for the occasional lengthening of arms that bike does to people who ride it.  He and John have also been on a couple of bicycle rides together, doing 30+ miles in a stretch.   Mr. Jow has some interesting background that most everyone in our club can relate to; food and bikes.  

He was raised here in Tulsa, his family owning the first Chinese restaurant in Tulsa, and owning a number of others, some still in business.  He moved on to Houston, Austin and Metairie, which is between New Orleans and that city’s airport.  Started restaurants in those Texas towns, runs Dragons Foods, of which Reasors is a distributor of those products, and will be starting a noodle bar on Peoria and 35th really soon.  Looking forward to trying it out.   He expressed his dismay at Tulsa’s incapacity to support active and varied motorcycle clubs, as in Austin he was active in both the European club, and the Ducati group.  I lamely proclaimed that since we don’t have 400,000 people, it just won’t happen.   We need to welcome this potential shaker and mover into our flock.  THAT’s our problem, we’re a group of sheep, I should have said, ‘fold’.

One member DID show up on a bike, found the place shut down, did not have the opportunity to come inside and warm up, so immediately headed back home to S.S., John Dickinson.  He stays toasty riding with the following gear;  T-shirt, Military polypropylene top and bottom, jeans, heavier than normal over the calf socks, Tour Master jacket, leather snow mobile lowers with a quilted upper vest, leather gloves, and good boots.  Said he rode from Terra Haute to Rolla like this in sub 20 degree weather.  He was toasty, but ice was forming in his helmet from his breath.

When I ride, I wear a long sleeved Tee, my electric long-sleeved liner, and either a heavy pull-over or something else to keep the cold from getting to the innards.  Like John, polypropylene bottom, jeans, over the calf socks, & BMW boots.  I’ve got some snowmobile mittens, which actually will allow my hands to sweat, but if not quite so serious, just wear long sleeved gloves and allow the heated grips to keep the inside of my hands warm.  I put on the neck collar on the helmet to seal the head from wind going up inside the helmet, but it does make riding slow more interesting as I’ll fog until I get up to speed.  All this stuff I attempt to stuff inside my ‘stitch, which needs some work, as the velcro flap over the main zipper, flies open and allows wind to penetrate the zipper.  Also the neck strap velcro on it needs renewal.   An outlet on the bike for the electrics is great too.  One time I was bundled up so well, I got from S.S. to Okmulgee without realizing I wasn’t plugged in.  The bike has electric seats too, but I’m so fond of my bead rider, that I rarely use it.   Other than that, the RT’s fairing probably does the best in keeping the wind chill down.

Christmas Party
Norma Jo’s second round of inquiries about the party got some 15 members interested in attending.  We’re looking into a meeting room that some locations of Panera Bread have at their location.  Once plans are finalized, the announcement will go out and we’ll ask for RSVPs for planning.  We generally attempt to have this as early as possible in December to avoid heavy competent ion with others looking for the same facilities.  Look to the November Newsletter for details of the party.

Legends Barbecue
Norma Jo has previously removed the important club’s papers from within the filing cabinet still locked within Legends.  We will be attempting to gain access to remove all banners, plaques, patches and other miscellaneous stuff we have in boxes underneath the tables in the meeting room off to the side within Legends.  It has been suggested that a new location be found, somewhere in the Tulsa area, since we essentially call ourselves from Tulsa club.  This will be open for discussion.

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