November 2013 Newsletter

BMW Club Newsletter

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  • Dave Resigns
  • Officers
  • Christmas Party

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Dave Carter
Vice President: Randall Eggert
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Last Meeting
This will be the last meeting that I miss in a while.  Tuesday the 5th of November, my group, the Citizens Police Academy, completed their course of material and classes and received our certificate in Sand Springs.  This give me, John Q. Public, a peek at what our officers have to go through, mentally and physically in dealing with the public, society, and the bunch of laws to work with, in performing their tasks in keeping us safe.

Back in Owasso, I’ve heard of a couple of versions of our president, Dave, announcing that he would not be running next year.   So, we need a new round of officers.  Norma Jo offered to continue her services as Sect/Treas and Dave ‘nominated’ new officers for next year, but we’ll delve into that later.

Has the campout at Birch lake been discussed yet?   I’ve heard from more people who did not go due to other conflicts vs those that went.  I got called to Florida again, and I think I only have to go one more time.  Think I spoke to one who went, and it wasn’t there.  I still need to follow up.  The club re-embursed me for good money I spent on reserving the place.

Next Meeting – Legends – Owasso – 6:30 – 11226 North Garnett Road

I want those who come to the meeting on Tuesday, November 12th to either ride, and/or bring their cold weather riding gear.  Why, you ask?  I’ve ridden in cold weather, but I’m not competent.  Used to do the Oklahoma City bunch’s annual ride, the “Candy Ass Ride”, whereas we would ride the 2nd weekend in January from Norman to Medicine Park, outside Lawton, for lunch and a strip show.  (The ride was easy, it was getting up and leaving at 5:30 a.m. to get to Norman in time to leave that was the difficult part.)

When I bundle up, I look like the Michelin Man in my ‘stitch, and I cannot turn around, much less operate the controls on the bike with any ease, due to the layers I’ve stuffed between me and the outside.  I wish to see the miracle fabrics and other gear that make some of the members, “Rounders”.

Next year’s officers

I’m going to throw in my hat to the presidency of our club.  Let me tell you what my platform is and you may wish to elect me or chose a different individual.

I’ve been with the club since, I believe, 1975.  Not a mover and shaker, but I did watch how the club operated and the interaction of the various officers through the years and how things worked.  We were always small, but the group were empowered to step up and start what was a small, but well respected rally for 11 years.  Back then rallies didn’t have options on the pricing.  We, er, they provided something for Friday night, breakfast and dinner on Saturday, field events, and something to get people going in the morning on Sunday.  One crew was washing dishes, another crew were starting dinner with the cleaned utensils from breakfast.

What I would like to do:

 (1) Everyone picks a restaurant they like.  Write it on a piece of paper with any comments like ‘busy at noon’ and throw it in a box.  At a meeting we’ll pick and post the rides on our web site to gather at a time on a day.  We’ll scatter the days out so those with scheduled conflicts will be able to make it another time.  We can meet with new people who might be interested in us, but don’t want the formality of the club.   When I go, I will go directly there without picking a place to start.  Should you wish to ride with a group, call your friends to meet and ride.  I personally don’t like riding with more than 2 others as I don’t like to become part of a rolling blockade.  Why do I choose to ride like this?  I don’t like getting other drivers upset with me (us) since we are in their way.  There is no logic to this, and listening to the “Hippy Dippy Weather Man”, George Carlin, if someone passes you, they’re a maniac, and if they hold you up, they are a road hog.   I generally speed, but not enough to get the LEOs’ attention, but I’m still not going fast enough for others.  Existing partners may split off after meeting and go with others.  Some may decide to explore some of the area.  This can be determined beforehand or during this event.  Enough of this, ranting off.

(2) Norma Jo and Myron have all but hit us over the head in getting some type of gathering going with the club for an outing or overnighter.  First at Spavinaw, then Osage, and I’m sure they were somewhat involved in Birch.   What better way to test camping gear and techniques out than close by with friends.  I need to work on my own camping ‘list’.

(3)   Rally events.  One of the hardest things is getting a new riding partner.  “I like to ride fast, leave late, and spend an hour at the gas station” probably will not get along with “I leave early, do a decent speed, and do short stops to maximize my time”.  “I stay at a Motel 6”, vs, “I stay at the Hampton Inn”.  Getting in sync with a new partner is probably one of the hardest parts of traveling.  How does a new member ‘fit in’ with what we already do?

(4) Tech days. The Airhead group sponsor ‘Tech Days’ where members may go to another house in town, or 200 or more miles away to meet with a group of riders with various expertise to, change oil, change a tire, change an engine.  This can be a hardship to those who host a weekend meeting, all who attend are supposed to pitch in.  Perhaps just an afternoon.  “I wanna do something to my bike, who wants to come to assist or bring the cold drinks?”  That may work!

I also need a co-runner.

Upcoming Events
For years, the club would get together come December and January and do the following.

(1) – Christmas Party – We did a little one last year.  We select a restaurant, one that will accept us in providing us a meal and set-ups and a room to party afterwards.  For, after dessert, we’d do “Dirty Santa”.  Anyone who wishes to participate would bring a gift, say priced between $10 and $20 oriented toward what we like to do…. no!  Not that, Riding motorcycles!

Read the Dirty Santa Rules for an idea how this runs.

The club has added our own little rule to allow the game to cease at a decent time in the evening;  We pass out poker chips – 3 to each participant, so when you ‘steal’, you have to give up a poker chip.  When you are out of poker chips (3), you can no longer steal.   Eventually, everyone goes home with a gift, and all had a good time.  What I’ve found what works for me is to buy myself a gift that I would like to take home.  If I play my chips right, I can, but I do delight that someone else got my gift and will appreciate it if I don’t get to take it home.

We will discuss a Christmas Party – We usually do this early in December to avoid conflict with other parties, and to find a restaurant who is not already booked up.

(2) elect new officers

(3) Annual fees and renewals to the club and the National Club which the NEO Club must contribute to.

(4) – Annual Awards Banquet – Haven’t had one in a while, and it occurs in another restaurant who will feed us and allow us to meet after dining for the event.  Generally this is were we present the new officers to the club.  If the club was keeping track of everyone’s mileage from the previous year, we’d announce who (man and woman rider) got the greatest number of miles on their BMW machine.   Then the most fun, what did you do that you hope no one saw you do last year?  This is where the members get creative.   Someone probably saw you do what you hoped no one would see.  Now is the time for them to present you a plaque, certificate, or other memento of your gaffe to let you, and all the other members, that we are all not perfect.    This too will be discussed.

Other Items

Bob Gillespie has provide me a web link to an interview of Paul and Voni Glaves at the public radio station at Marfa in South Texas.  Got an half hour?  Give a listen.