September 2013 Newsletter

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by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Dave Carter
Vice President: Randall Eggert
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Last Meeting

August 13th on a Tuesday and we had about the center 2 tables filled with all males.  Lots of testosterone!  Some spill-over to adjacent tables.

Dave brought the discussion to somewhat organized as he turned the random discussion to roundtable discussion.

We still are discussing our rally.  Why not!  We learn and do better.  Rex announced the June weekends at the Gruber site have filled up for 2014, so we weren’t able to reserve the same weekend.  Moved the reservation into the end of May, which prompted a letter about competition with the Kansas City club with their Return to Oz event on the same weekend.  I brought up some alternate dates, using the annual rally list as a guide to not compete against the weather (impossible) and other local clubs.  Since the club does not have to put money down to reserve Gruber Lodge until shortly before the event, it can still be rescheduled, if desired.  Probably the most advance we need will be announcements through the MOA magazine and their Club Events section.

Coming up is our club campout, which will be Saturday, the 28th of September on the south side of Birch Lake, at Group Site No. 2.  There is a 60′ drive thru for anyone who brings a vacation vehicle, plus whatever cars and bikes we can squeeze onto the pad.  Next meeting we’ll have to discuss menu.  I have a conflict, so cannot make the meeting on Tuesday.

We cornered Kendall Smith and he gave us a quick run down of the travels out west with Bob Gillespie and me, and both of us interjecting.

Queried the club on what events we will be going to the next 2-3 months.

Those not busy the 21st and/or 22nd (Saturday & Sunday) are asked to donate their time watching out for bicyclists on this year’s MS-150 ride taking place exclusively in the Chandler area.   More information is available on our website as a previous article that was distributed to the mailing list.

Rally Reports

Sculpture at the center of the Salem Fairgrounds

Kendall spoke of the views to the Pacific from the Coast Highway, the bike-sites, such as Alice’s Restaurant and the number of Ducatis parked across the street, refusing to associate with the others, the huge Sequoyahs and redwoods and mountain passes he had arranged for the 3 of us (of which I did not partake).  He and Bob Gillespie spoke of the Golden Gate, that despite they being almost touching, a California driver managed to force their way between them, and then others…  Upon our entry into California, we spent the night before in Carson City, did 3 passes and bedded down in Bridgeport, where we spent the most on a room, and about $5.20 for a gallon of the good stuff to go into the bikes.  The first ridge we went across was being closed the next morning for a bicycle event.  Even on Friday, we were watching the guys stream down the roads faster than I’d go around a corner.  The rally was suffering from absenteeism, as there were only about 5,100 present.   Then the ride back via the Columbia River, then down the west side of Oregon where he found a number of little  picturesque towns with coffee houses, but no gas.  Fortunately for him, his “R” gets decent mileage.   Across Idaho, the scorching sun did its best, but we endured.  Wandering around the corner of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado was new and beautiful.  We toured and spent time before the Top of the Rockies the following weekend.   They, too, suffered from absenteeism, as their turnout was only about 10% of the national.  Loads of camping spaces in the city park.  Sunday morning was wet, having started raining before the presentations were complete.  I think a number of people were awake during the evening wondering if it was going to stop.  It made for a number of attendees warming up at the nearest McDonald’s in Gunnison.  And it continued to sprinkle.   Bob G. has a number of etherial pictures looking over the Black Canyon of the Gunnison taken with the clouds the same level or below his camera.

Some of the Cheaper gas in California
Kendall concerned about the dirt on his bike

We had to ride through inclement weather to get there (as in, HOT), but we were rewarded with cool nights and mornings that climbed to hot (without the Oklahoma humidity), and started cooling off after 6pm for an enjoyable evening while it was still light.   I broke off from Kendall & Bob G. at the east turnoff into Yosemite to see a college chum that I’ve been exchanging Christmas greetings for 35 years in Los Angeles, where he rolled out the red carpet and treated me to a wonderful weekend.  We saw the space shuttle newly mounted in the space museum in downtown L.A., a drive along the coast to see all the scantily clad women and men.   A wedding was being held at the Paramount site where they filmed “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”.   The area where M.A.S.H. was filmed, and a trip to J Paul Getty’s art museum – makes Philbrook and Gilcrease look small.  Monday morning, I headed out to the infamous L.A. traffic, and jumped on the 101.  We were sailing along fairly well, doing the limit, on a Monday morning and I was thinking I was doing good.  A traffic sign on the side said I had 12 more miles to I-5 and it would take me 18 minutes.  Uh, Oh!  Sure enough, it got down to crunch time.  Second and 1st gears, with legs down from time to time.  Even the lane splitters surprised me.  Fortunately 95% of everyone was going south into L.A. on I-5, where I had no traffic at the exit going north.    After that, I just sailed.  People were sorry that I had to do the entire trip on I-5, but since I’ve never been there before, it was all new to me.

Salem was wonderful.  Bob took off and went north to see a friend, Kendall and I went over to McMinnville, IMG_0552OR to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum where Mr. Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose is permanently on display.  After an 8 year period of disassembling it, barging it up to Oregon, re-assembling it, then building its home around it, it is a sight to see.  The building is full of other planes and artifacts and a hobbyist could spend days in here.  On the other side of the parking lot is another building that looks like a mirror of this one, full of space memorabilia.  From Sputnik, the V1 & V2 German rockets to a control center for a mock-up of a launch, with some fantastic subwoofers to simulate ‘the rockets’ red glare!”.  Yet another building contains the movie theatre and other vehicles are positioned around the property, including a 747, and Russian jet fighter.IMG_0483

Kendall and I then utilized my GPS to get us to the beginning of the scenic side of the Columbia with all the tributaries and waterfalls feeding the giant river.   No problem getting there, but we were inundated in other traffic positioning for a look also.  Perhaps if we went on a weekday rather than Sunday it might have been less busy.  We got separated, and I ended up following Kendall about 50 miles behind, but got back 2 days later.   I was seriously pondering writing Dave Barry to ask him where he obtained his land torpedos to use as a deterrent for the tailgating BMW on my posterior.   Despite Kendall’s absence, I was still following his directions and went to the north side of the river to traverse inland.  The two lane road was much more fun than the interstate on the south.  Except when the temperature rose about 20 degrees.

Interesting Web Sites

Dave’s next bike:

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We know this is not the first dog that does this:

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Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 10th at the usual place; Legend’s Barbecue and Steak House in Owasso. Hopefully we can hook up some AV and enjoy some rally pics. You can join the event online if you’re so inclined: Facebook Event Page

Upcoming Events

We have scheduled a campout at Birch Lake in Osage County for the weekend of September 28-29, 2013, (Sat & Sun). This is a small lake south of Barnsdall operated by the Army Corps of Engineers.  We will be in Group Camping Area 2, on the south side of the lake.  Should you wish to camp earlier, you will need to select a campsite and pay at the station.

The Indian Nations Rally for 2014 date of May 30-June 1, 2014 was proposed. If you’re thinking that’s a week earlier than this year’s event then you’re absolutely right (and you probably need a hobby). But the second week in June at the Gruber Lodge was reserved by the Army.

Guzzi RHClassifieds

FOR SALE 1996 Moto Guzzi California 1100i (mostly original)

  • Original owner–
  • Less than 5,000 mi. on the tires–
  • 7-33 rear drive extra ($500 value)–
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Guzzi LH

CONTACT: John Dickinson (918) 340-4465 leave message, or

NOTE: As is, no warranty implied or expressed– $2,500 OBO

Nearby Rallies

Here’s a few rally events also upcoming…

  • Bavarian Mountain Rally – September 6-8 in Sipapu, NM
  • Trail of Tears – September 13-15 in Jonesboro, IL
  • Lone Star Hamburger Cookout – Sept. 21 in Sulphur, Oklahoma
  • MS-150 Bicycle Ride – Motorcycle Volunteers – Sept. 21 & 22, Chandler, OK
  • NEOBMW Club Campout – Sept. 28-29 – Birch Lake, Barnsdall, OK
  • Fall Get-Together – Sept. 27-29 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • Falling Leaf Rally – Oct. 11-13 in Potosi, Missouri

For more dates, places and details check out the Awesome BMW Club Rally List.