June 2013 Newsletter

BMW Club Newsletter

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  • Some Things Required for a Rally
  • Call for Volunteers 
  • Related Online Shortcuts

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Dave Carter allrand4rw@sbcglobal.net
Vice President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com


May Meeting 5/14/2013 Legends – Owasso

I hadn’t seen as many bikers or bikes at our meeting since going to the Blitz last month.

Norma Jo’s signature sheet had filled up with 17 names and still more arrived. This is good!

The main subject, of course, is the upcoming rally. Advance registration is open through May 31 so register now to save a sawbuck and help us get an accurate count! This was the last meeting before our event the first full weekend of June,  Friday the 7th thru Sunday the 9th down at Greenleaf State Park. We’ve done so much in preparation, but I feel that we are only 1/3 the way there.

Parking Lost at the May Club MeetingChecks were written and bills paid in preparation, and yet, nothing had been purchased for the rally itself.

Dave gaveled the meeting to order…. did I mention the Gavel was found? No, I didn’t know it was lost either! No old business, how about new? First words out of Rex’s mouth was, “I don’t know where to start!”  I sympathize.

I was the one receiving the baleful stare from our President as he attempted to quiet the group down.

I felt sorry for Norma Jo, as Rex and I were buzzing around her like flies, as she is the keeper of the club’s funds. “Write a check for this, for that…”  Can I have some too?

This is what we DO have;

  • Door prizes – a number in house, known others from vendors, some in transit.
  • Insurance – liability insurance has been paid
  • The Gruber site at Greenleaf payment has been sent
  • Have about 25 pre-registered
  • Entertainment is booked
  • Wrist bands are in house
  • Serving items for beverages have been located from members and the club
  • Rex and Norma Jo compared Sam’s memberships to determine who has the best discount
  • Paper goods’ prices will be checked, as Sam’s is noted for sometimes not having the best.
  • Safety vests to be worn by volunteers, identifying the wearer as ‘official’.
  • Dave found us a vehicle for transport the bulky items necessary to Greenleaf/Gruber
  • The request for Rally Supplies has been met with water dispensers, ice chests, and pop-up awnings.

The club’s old equipment of other dispensers and a coffee brewer will be showing up at the rally.  We may be looking for someone with storage to keep these items from year to year until used.  Ponder it and let us know.

A number of lists are being filled in, and added to, that is shared amongst the rally planners on the web. Would have been interesting to see the number of phone calls between club members twenty years ago when planning the original event that this one is modeled after.

We’ve also decided to attend a short weekly meeting to do face-to-face updates that can’t be accomplished over the net.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, June 11 – Legends

Fresh from the rally, we ought to have a good session of stories about us, about our Rallygoers, about what happened right, about what didn’t happen right.  Since there ought to be several of us at the meeting that were present at the rally, I expect this to be verbal mayhem!  Also to return the items to their owners from whom they were borrowed from.   More serious, we can look to see what can be done better for next year’s event…. if we wish to continue the effort.


Hopefully we’ll get a report from those who went to Asheville for the RA national at the Biltmore.  I expect a report, and how did your money stay in your pocket?

Also is a number of events that will take place before some of us head out to Oregon for the MOA National.   On the way back, you going to drop by the Top O’ the Rockies?

Call for Volunteers

With our Indian Nations rally coming up in about a week, I will be sending out a request for volunteers and a job task duty roster to sign up for.  Everyone on site should have an armband – i.e., registered.  Club volunteers will have meals provided for their much appreciated efforts.  I’m looking forward to it.

At this time, we don’t expect to require everyone’s time during the entire event, allowing you to get away or visit with folks you haven’t seen in a while.  After dinner is cleaned up, the evenings will be free except for minor visits to check the beverages and the restrooms.  Saturday will be busier than Friday since awards will be presented, but tasks should be 2nd nature by then.

Other Rally Items

We are receiving notifications of door prizes being sent, and received by Rex and Brad for our event. The most prestigious prize is a full face Bell Helmet!  Sargent Seats, Adaptiv Technologies, Held and Klim have also contributed to the door prize stockpile.  I’ve picked up a number of nice items from Bentonville a couple of weeks ago. Steve ran down to Pop’s in Arcadia to get a soda-related gift basket last week.  With some shaking out, the pieces are starting to fall in place.

Rex attended an event in downtown Tulsa, and saw a technique for people to vote their choice by having tickets and dropping them into a marked bag with a slot in it and a description on the outside. We should be able to acquire some bags for doing just that.

Don’t forget… the online advance registration closes May 31st!

Other Rallies

Barring the typical weather that the Kansas rally seems to generate, I’ll attempt to keep up with another member in dropping by Lacygne Kansas for their event starting the end of May. If I do this in daylight, I may not have an encounter with John Deer.  Well, actually, she was female.  My bruised leg might have been a different story had I ran into antlers!  What is the annual season for that head adornment?

The weekend afterwards, is our own Northeast Oklahoma rally that has been promoted by a number of past presidents. Register online while you can. Talk is to close the registration a week before the event. The cost will be an extra $10 if you don’t preregister.

Online Shortcuts

See NEOBMW Indian Nations Rally for more information on our rally. From this link you can also pre-register through May 31, pay for meals, and get 50/50 Raffle Tickets also.

Drop into a Google Map showing the location of all BMW MOA publicized rallies this year. The list on the left of the page is sorted in date sequence.

Or check out this spreadsheet of the BMW MOA published rallies for 2013. Basically a text version of the pictorial Google Maps above. Both can be used to calculate distance. It is sorted in date order.

BMW Motorrad website contain owner’s manuals (or Rider’s Manuals as they call them) and are available for most 2003 and newer bikers online.  Basically, those with CAN-BUS.   The PDF files are a free download via the site. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader to view or print them, but it’s free also! All that is necessary is the 4th through 7th digit of your bike’s registration number. BMW shows which numbers to use. They insure you get the right manual. – Thanks, Rex.

If you are a MOA member, skip this.

If not, check out our club’s pointer to a freebie of three (3) BMW MOA monthly magazines in an attempt to get you to join the national organization. Personally, I feel their magazine is the best value in their annual fees. If you don’t want to join, no problem.
BMW Owners News: Free Test Ride

Sad News

Bertram Broussard – better known as Bruce, passed on Thursday, May 23rd at age 83. Bruce was my first introduction to BMW motorcycles, as I walked into Daylight Donuts on N Sheridan, and saw this really cool BMW motorcycle sitting out front. (The R100RS was in a league of its own) The owner had to be a die-hard, as it was still winter. I called out, “Who owns the bike?” to the patrons, and he, with his trademark handlebar mustache looked up. In the government mandated age of 55 mph, we joked that Bruce rode 55; Five thousand RPM in Fifth gear after filling up, and going back down through 5k rpm in 5th to fill up again. Rumor was he had in his possession several driver’s licenses to thwart being shut down. He was NEOBMW member # 10.  Read the Tulsa World’s obituary.

Odds and Ends

John Moore – first completer of the K&N 2013 Passport Oklahoma ride has been working with the postmaster in Snow to get a Plaque for the Stone Snow School built by the WPA. He sent me word that they have received their Plaque and in a small ceremony by the towns folks, attached it to the building. Those who have signed up for the Passport Oklahoma ride, will see that plaque in place. Congratulations townsfolk of Snow, and others who contributed in getting this plaque attached to the building, including John.


Throttle Lock

Several months ago, I saw on Rex’s throttle; a black plastic device that is somewhat akin to a crab cracker. As slight as the device appears, Rex and others praise its function. Terribly simple, it can be pushed back or forth to set your throttle, and rests against the hand guard or brake handle to prevent the throttle’s movement. Can really make those hours on the interstate much less fatiguing on the right hand. Look for “Go Cruise Throttle Control” on your favorite search engine’s browser, or perhaps a local dealer has one. Take the picture from this newsletter for reference. I think it goes for $20. Try Aerostich or Whitehorse.