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by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert

President: Dave Carter
Vice President: Randall Eggert
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw


Next Meeting 5/14/2013 Legends – Owasso
Further discussion regarding the rally.  The insurance quote has come in with a price much nicer than our first quote, the club treasurer will be pleased. We’ll schedule a couple of final planning meetings and work sessions to get everything lined up and ready.

Who is going where?  The season has started.  Bikes are dusted off, oil changed, tires inflated, and maps taken out of their cases and highlighted.  Where are you going?  Can I tag along?

Last Meeting 4/9/2013 Legends – Owasso
I welcome’d the meeting to order right after 7pm, present were Norma Jo and me, Dave in absentia. Also there was Jason who I introduced last month as a new member on his F800GS.  Showing up this month are Jim and Judy, riding a R1200RT. They’ve been on a number of bikes over the years, and Judy doesn’t do the riding anymore, allowing Jim to travel on his RT. It only took me a while to comprehend Judy’s name (sorry, Judy), and which model of BMW Jim has.

A quick discussion of BMW joining the rest of the motorcycle world in encompassing the single button turn signal. Us who have been on Beemers for a while, will take a bit to get used to the ‘rest of the world.’ Oh, well, back to the meeting.

Jim has been on bikes for over 40 years on all makes of bikes, various Japanese and American. Judy has ridden on the pillion seat while their mode was a Gold Wing. I asked where and his response was all southern states. Judy still likes riding, but has gotten wary of everyone else out there and their distractions, so had decided to hang up her helmet. As I passed the big six-oh last year, that has become my biggest fear also. We welcome Jim & Judy.

Also with the addition of our online membership registration within the club’s web site,, we’ve acquired another new member, sight unseen. David Golden, who currently lives in Colorado and will be migrating to Fort Smith, AR in the next couple of months, (to make the rally?), yes.  According to Rex, was in the Army as a Sergeant in Colorado Springs.

Chuck Myers popped up and claimed the advertising is working from our site. He and Anne had just came back from Perry Thigpen’s Easter Rally in Louisiana and the Oklahoma rally was mentioned by people receiving notifications from us.  He also mentioned that returning to Tulsa in the motorhome, they hit a whale of a rainstorm while en-route.  Definitely would have soaked a cyclist to the bone!

BMW Tech: Branson-Style
BMW Tech: Branson-Style

How many are going to Branson?  Several raise their hands.  See the rally report below.

Who are MOA members? The April issue of the Owner News had the results of last year’s mileage contest. At between 11-12K, I had less than 1 tank of gas equivalent miles over the next person in the club in the results. I would have done better, but I had my spinal, er, final mileage put in by BMW Motorcycles of Tulsa, when I had my ride towed into their shop when my drive shaft failed, leaving me stranded on the NW side of Tulsa. Fortunately a dealer’s stamp is a substitute for 2 MOA members’ signatures, although the signatures most likely would have been less expensive than getting me back on the road as Iron Lightning did for me.

John Moore, performing his PassPort OK event sponsored by K&N Yamaha back in January, and finishing in January, sought out directions in Snow, Oklahoma at the Post Office there. Communicating with Shirley Taylor and discussing the Snow School, he found out it is on the National Registry of Historic Places. Wishing to aid, he discussed putting up funds to purchase a plaque for the building designating the building as a Historic Building. He inquired of the club if they would assist also. Norma Jo brought up the 50/50 raffle being put on at our rally, and having the club’s portion being given to charity to keep the club’s 501c tax free status good with the government, and avoid any gaming laws, perhaps having this as part of the donations. Sounds good, we’ll bring it up after the rally.

Rally Business

Rex takes the floor;

As of April 9th we had eleven people pre-registered online and one via mail. One bunk house is reserved. The fellow reserving the bunk house has registered, but the others have yet to make themselves known. “Expected future registrants.” Sold about 15-20 raffle tickets. Our mailing list is about 80 people and being handled by “Mail Chimp”, a software product that generates the mailings, from those and club members registering on the web site. I mentioned this product also distributes this and all future newsletters, allowing Norma Jo to spend her time doing more productive endeavors.

Jim mentioned BMW clubs in north Texas as a good contact for the rally, which Rex hasn’t made direct contact, but stuck notifications on Two-wheel Texans, a forum that should alert those that put on the Hot Dog fest in Sulphur Springs every year. Contact the dealers or clients in Plano and/or San Antonio, since their membership is so strong. Making an announcement at the Blitz ought to get our event known to most everyone. Mr Gonzales said to make our bid to the riders out of San Antonio as he has seen those riders all over the country.

Norma Jo announced she will send a link to Voni.

Register Now!Rex brought up the MOA will have an ad that he composed within the May issue of the Owner News magazine. Taken from an image that he and Brad did for an episode of the Two Wheel Oklahoma series, (You couldn’t believe how much it cost the club for the rights to the photo!). But also noted that the event doesn’t show up on MOA’s Calendar until the ad appears in the magazine. The same appears to be true in RA’s On The Level monthly publication;

Also noted by Rex was the majority of people registered on our website are either Texans or from OKC.

Throwing the rally notification on various forums, ADVRiders, CraigsList for OKC & Tulsa are all showing hits as various people hit them and bump up the individual page’s access count. He has also noted our own site, the numbers are growing, and we’ve been getting several days of ‘peak day’s access’ in a row.

Norma Jo brought up an ad that she heard on a local radio station about Tahlequah having 5 museums of the 5 civilized tribes, and they had set up a program where a $15 donation could get you in all of them and a Tee Shirt. Perhaps get a door prize for this from the local chamber of commerce or the Cherokee Casino’s gift shop.

Another rally item was having a free pancake breakfast, since we’ll have full cooking gear at the lodge. Norma Jo said to bring sugar-free syrup. Does anyone want peanut butter with their pancakes?

Friday night and Saturday night meals will be sold at $5 /per with, at this writing, 3 way chili and chicken with noodles. Fin & Feather’s buffet is only 9 miles down the road and someone can have their luscious spread for under $20. Or the hamburger joint 3 miles up the road at Braggs.  Fin & Feather is worth it at least once!  I’ve partook of Jim’s cooking during his ownership of two restaurants in Tulsa. I’ll be eating Jim’s.

While not set in stone, Jim would like a preliminary count of attendees to order ahead of time for cooking. While we may have a number that show up un-announced, the count will assist.

Rex brought out his new toy for the event, a Square credit card reader that will enable registrants at the rally to use their credit card. He’s been dying to try it out.  Does anyone want to loan him your credit card?

About closing time, we could hear the rain hitting the metal roof, drown out the conversation signaling an end to the April meeting.

Jim, may I borrow your umbrella back?

Blitz to Branson – Rally Report


A number of the NEO group made it over to Branson last weekend for the IBMWR’s annual Blitz. Included were Bob McBratney, Rex Brown, John Moore, John Gonzales, Jim Loggin and his son, Nick and myself. The trip over there started out cool, and eventually warmed up enough Sunday for the trip home without the need to plug-in the Gerblings. It remained windy the entire weekend tho.

Bob and I left Thursday afternoon and ended overnight in Paris, AR, on the north side of Mount Magazine. Going to the top to find rooms was worthless, as the place was filled, and it was also about 12 degrees cooler up there, i.e., 36° F. Even with the electrics, it was chilly, naw, it was COLD. But fortunately back in the valley, we left the cold behind.

Route of Saturday Ride
Route for our Saturday ride.

The next day we tooled around a while on some of the scenic roads that Arkansas has to offer and didn’t get in on Friday until after 6. There were already two 2013 R1200GSes present in the parking lot! The Mexican place next door is great as we don’t have to gear up and ride to a place for lunch.

On Saturday Jim Loggin was taking son Nick on a tour of some of the better roads on his 600 cc road racer, so Rex, Bob and I tagged along. Taking off east out of Jasper, we were climbing up the ridge on AR-123, doing 170 degree turns in first where the edge of the asphalt has been crumbled by others cutting the corner too short. How that could be done, I’m not sure, but we had to avoid it. About 10 of ’em to get to the top. Wonderful vistas. Later we were doing long sweepers to soothe our nerves after the tight stuff. We stopped in Green Forest for a late lunch and had the place about to ourselves. Looking around, we saw an old apple crusher, made with a stationary gas engine, a pump, and an auger in the bottom of the unit. The restaurant was originally in front of an orchard. I set the GPS and got us all back to Branson, fortunately having been this way sometime before, as the GPS didn’t tell me of all the turns to take.

The Glaves were not able to make this event, apparently their first miss in 18 years, but left capable emcees in charge of the awards and door prizes that were handed out. From what I heard, they live in a close knit community ‘way down there, and their support was requested when one of their neighbors passed. Best dressed went to a gentleman in a tux and kilt. You had to be there. Best protected dropped away from those who arrived by car or truck and came down to the number of rounds being carried by each of two fellows. “How many rounds do you have in your clip?” “Which one?” “What is the size of your piece?” “Which one?” The winner, I believe, is an ex-Houston police officer. I think almost everyone at our table won an award or door prize, I needed a cap, and Engles in K.C., was able to fulfill my need. Nick won youngest rider. We didn’t sway the presidents for the hardest luck story for Rex, who went away with nothing!

blitz-2 Still, we gave away 2 admissions to the rally, publicizing it, and I gave a registration form to Mike Moon from the Dallas area, who will promote it down there.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny. Still windy, but in the protected area of the parking lot, felt great. We planned some twisties going home, which is hard to avoid, unless you take the interstate. Rode through Kenwood between Jay and Salina to see what the rain had done to their low lying areas. Jim and Nick had ran through Friday, seeing fresher examples, but we saw gravel buildups on the side of streams in fields, and the water level from brown leaves up to and over the road level. Coming into Salina, passed the local constable clocking traffic. I was guilty, but not excessive, and was coasting down. He ignored me. Bob and I split in Pryor, and I played with the 20mph wind while doing 75 on the interstate from the east side of Claremore and other traffic until arriving in Catoosa.


2009 BMW R1200GS
1,300 miles, extended warranty until July 2016, annual service just done, ABS, ESA, Htd grips, Onboard Computer, Hand Guards, Cast Wheels, Side Stand Foot, Givi hard bags and trunk, Givi engine guards, Sargent seat and stock seat, Front and Rear Mud-Slings, Fork Protectors, Drive Shaft Protector, Adventurer crossbar, Dimples magnetic drain plugs all 3 positions, Top and side tank protectors, “O” Ring grips, Wonderlitch throttle lock, $300 tool kit specifically for this bike, extra keys regular $100 each, 3 total, GPS and CB Radio that are detachable so when you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere you can find your way and call for help while away from the bike. Plus probably a few more do-dads I forgot to mention. Bought to ride once a year on the dirt roads at Sturgis but haven’t made it yet. Basically a brand new last year of the oil head where you can adjust the valves yourself. $16,000.
Contact for info.

R100RT1995 BMW R100RT
Classic, 87K miles, back box,
Corbin seat with new stock seat included $4500
918-747-2448 or

2006 BMW R1200RT in Graphite Gray Metallic

Equipment includes:

*3m Headlight Protection Film
*Sylvania High Output Halogen bulbs
*Black Reflective tape on black plastic part of rear of side cases
*Direct wired female outlet for Gerbing Heated Gear
*Accessory fuse block
*3rd. Powerlet outlet right rear directly wired to battery
*16LED Hyperlites
*Optima Battery
*IBMWR Oklahoma License Plate

Factory accessories:
*Heated grips
*Heated seats
*Onboard computer
*Cruise Control
*47L Topcase
*Large tool kit
*Cylinder guards

Never down, no scratches or chips
23,719 miles
24K service completed at Bentonville BMW 3-14-13
New Michelin Pilot 3s installed 3-14-13
Photos on request

Bob 918-482-5655 Home, 918-269-4075 Mobile

Related Accessories available:

*BMW Tank Bag-$100
*Steibel Air Horn-$25
*BMW Tank bag and GPS wiring-$100
*Custom GPS Ram mount atop center of instrument panel-$50
*Bar backs-$35
*BMW Trickle Charger-$50
* Arai Corsair RX-7 white, medium7-71/8-$125
* Aerostitch Roadcrafter size 44 Yellow/black with hip and back protectors-$475 Built for 6’0″,185#,sleeve 33″, inseam 33″
* Sidi Discovery Boots size10US/44Euro-$75
* Joe Rocket summer mesh with liner size medium yellow-$25
* Joe Rocket Cool vest size large-$25
* Gerbing Heated Jacket with controller size 44-$75
* Widder Electric vest size 46 with controller-$50
* Olympic winter gauntlet leather/gortex gloves size large-$25
* Alaska Butt Pad sized for BMW R1200RT-$25
* Motorcycle First Aid Kit-$10
* Accu-Gage Tire Pressure Gauge-analog dial, flexible hose, brass connections-$15
* Barbacks for R1200RT-$35

Bob 918-482-5655 Home, 918-269-4075 Mobile


Upcoming Events
Engle’s Motors is having an open house at their K.C. Shop on Saturday, May 4, 2013, from 9am – 3pm with Food, Drinks & Door Prizes, all provided free!

N39 05 626′ W94 30 324′

6633 East Truman Road


Indian Nations Rally– our very own event!
Mark your calendar and telkl all your friends: June 7-9 at the Greenleaf State Park group camp.
Register Now