One World. One R1200 GS. The Ride of Your Life.

Five lucky riders have embarked on unique tours in five continents. Each one riding the new water-cooled BMW R 1200GS.

The tour got under way in Laos on January 25, 2013.

Touring wide open America on the new GS.
Touring wide open America on the new GS.

One woman and four men made the cut from a starting field of some 12,000 applicants around the world and got the chance to ride the new “waterhead” before its official launch. The widest range of terrain, altitudes and climates around the world were chosen to ensure the experience will stay with them forever. The successful candidates were BMW Motorrad enthusiasts from Italy, Germany, Spain, France and Great Britain. Each participant would go on to experience the “ride of their life” on a different continent; but only the R 1200 GS would complete the full, world-encompassing distance.

After nine days in Laos the GS was handed over to the next link in the chain in New Zealand.

After another eight days’ riding, the bike headed to South Africa, before being passed to the fourth participant, who had 10 days to explore the western USA.

Finally, the last member of the group set off across Europe not long ago for a date in Munich on April 13, 2013. By then the GS will have covered nearly 8,000 miles over the course of 44 days.

The final-leg rider, Britain’s Stephanie Rowe, will pull up at the BMW Museum some time this Saturday. The R 1200 GS – which was signed by the celebrity jury members before the tour – will be handed over to the BMW Museum as part of the celebrations.

Stephanie Rowe
At 25, Stephanie Rowe is the youngest of the competition winners.

Sounds like it truly was the ride of a lifetime for these lucky motorcyclists!