April 2013 Newsletter


President: Dave Carter allrand4rw@sbcglobal.net
Vice President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw myvtx1300c@gmail.com

  • Meeting Update
  • The NEOBMW Rally
  • Classifieds
  • Rally Meeting & Site Inspection
  • Ethanol
  • Upcoming Rallies

by our roving reporter, Randall Eggert


Next Meeting: April 9, 2013 at Legends Barbecue – Owasso
Be there at 6:30 should you wish to order from the menu, the meeting starts soon thereafter at 7:00 when Dave gavels to order. Most likely the primary topic of conversation will be the NEO Rally.   RSVP on Facebook

March Meeting 3/12/2013 Legends – Owasso
In January, my video recorder got stuck on a tape that I’ve used over and over again. Finally had to re-cycle it in the can on the floor. So, you folks got a newsletter from memory. Unfortunately it was my memory.

In February, I proceeded to get sick. Rather than infect those who did show up, I did not.

In March (this one), with a new tape in the video recorder, I had brought the wrong power supply. You are going to have to endure my memory again. Next month, with it working, I can write a newsletter that is almost as interesting as a court stenographer.

John Gonzalez saw a young fellow at the tractor store with a BMW GS cap and got him to come to the meeting. Atta boy! Dustin Rupert was riding that brown F800GS sitting outside. They got another one like that at Iron Lightening and Bentonville. Has something like 90+ hp, which is 5 more than my 1150GS had, and lighter too! Dustin recently moved back from Colorado to be closer to his family and job. Likes the non-interstate twisty roads, like OK-10 north out of Skiatook. As narrow as the F800 is (great for off-road) it just looks taller.

Also present were Rex Brown and Brad Mathison from, well, here. You know them as the guys from Two Wheel Oklahoma www.twowheelok.com, the travel show featuring our state from the saddle of a motorcycle.

Not present were the other officers, Dave and Norma Jo. I attempted to fill in their big shoes of presiding over the meeting, and taking in the money of new members (Dustin & Rex), and renewals from others (totaling $60!).

I passed out some forms with Canada on one side, the U.S.A. on the other side asking where you’ve ridden. To make the forms faster to fill out, I put in some cryptic instructions on filling in the box, or striking through the location. I will use these to create a map of where the club, as a whole, have been or not been.

We chatted about events coming up and their dates, other rallies, I think the national was in there too, but basically covered the re-birth of the NEO Rally. We shut down after dark, a bit after 8:00 and the meeting continued on in small groups outside.

2013 NEOBMW Rally
Rex and Brad have approached the club with an opportunity to put on a rally as they have assisted other groups to do the same. With the model developed of aiding the others, the impact to the club financially and labor wise is greatly reduced. I asked how many people need to be present at the event to handle all needs, and they both came up with the number 6. From my previous request for volunteers sent out as an email in early February, I came up with 4, including myself, plus Rex and Brad, and I think as this gets closer and generates more interest, we will have more.

There will be pre-work such as making signs and stuffing rally packets and handling pre-registration, but that doesn’t require a fixed time and location.

We had a planning meeting to discuss directions, ask questions and gather input from everyone on what is required in an attempt to cover every contingency.

The Group Camp on the hill overlooking Greenleaf State Park, 3 miles south of Braggs, has been reserved for the weekend of June 7, 8, & 9th. The LaCygne rally in Kansas will be the previous weekend, the Missouri Rally in Crane will be on the 21st of June. The Iowa state rally will be the same weekend, about 500 miles away.

The original plan was to rent out all the spaces at Gobbler Ridge campground for a weekend, normally the spots for the recreational vehicles. Four locations were already reserved, still do-able. However the family had also reserved the pavilion that was necessary for all our functions. Rex worked with them and found the Group Camp above the park with the barracks, showers and WPA building. I believe at a lower price, also. Insurance was found, and then found again at 1/4th the original bid.

This facility has indoor bathing, a lodge with kitchen, hall, fireplace that was built by the WPA during the depression. There are 3 barracks on the property, each split up into 3 rooms of 6 beds within each. I’ve been informed that we have options on the other two should pre-reservations for the 1 we reserved be necessary.

From here, I’m gonna call Rex the rally chairman, as he’s taken it upon himself to handle durn near everything. I’d assist more, but he’s about impossible to keep up with. With a full-time job.

We are planning to provide instructions for self guided tours of anything from ORU campus to a nearby casino. There may be GS riding in the dirt in the ORV area at Gruber, a bike show, 50/50 raffle and some great door prizes.

Meals are being discussed and several options are available. Friday snack may be done similar to the Falling Leaf group where everyone who arrives in time can feed themselves over a campfire. That too is to be discussed. Should you wish to participate in the discussions, additional meetings are posted on www.neobmw.org and sent out. Volunteers will not be refused either.

Doesn’t the club still have some raffle tickets? There are thoughts on doing a 50/50 and if we already have enough tickets, why buy more?

We will be looking for potential sponsors to aid in the expenses in exchange for attaching their name to the rally.

A motion was opened and seconded and voted upon to proceed.

Our NEO BMW webmistress, Missy Gonzales, has also allowed Rex access to the club web site, and with his expertise, has cleaned up the logo, updated the email distribution system, set up online payments and other things that I have no experience in web technology. And I thought all this was kids’ stuff.

See more current updates at www.neobmw.com/rallies/indian-nations-rally


kenda-03-2013Kendon Bike Single Rail Stand-Up Trailer
Double Frame Construction, Torflex (Independent Rubber Torsion) Suspension, “E-Z” Lube Axle Spindles, Chrome Wheels & 13” Tires, Powder-Coated, 44” Anti-Skid Loading Ramp, 2” Coupler, with Tie Downs. Weight: 250 lbs., Capacity: 1,000 lbs., Stand-Up Dimensions: H=80”, W=64”, D=24”, $1,100.
(405) 842-8579 or (405) 255-3498

klr650-03-20132008 Kawasaki KLR650
Sunbeam Red, 2,409 miles, Optional Kawasaki (Saddleman/Travelcade) Memory/Gel Seat, Original owner, Excellent Condition, $4,200.
(405) 842-8579 or (405) 255-3498

2009 BMW R1200GS
1,300 miles, extended warranty until July 2016, annual service just done, ABS, ESA, Htd grips, Onboard Computer, Hand Guards, Cast Wheels, Side Stand Foot, Givi hard bags and trunk, Givi engine guards, Sargent seat and stock seat, Front and Rear Mud-Slings, Fork Protectors, Drive Shaft Protector, Adventurer crossbar, Dimples magnetic drain plugs all 3 positions, Top and side tank protectors, “O” Ring grips, Wonderlitch throttle lock, $300 tool kit specifically for this bike, extra keys regular $100 each, 3 total, GPS and CB Radio that are detachable so when you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere you can find your way and call for help while away from the bike. Plus probably a few more do-dads I forgot to mention. Bought to ride once a year on the dirt roads at Sturgis but haven’t made it yet. Basically a brand new last year of the oil head where you can adjust the valves yourself. $16,000.
Contact john@jmooreou.com for info.

Rally Meeting – Legends – Tuesday – 3/26/2013
Getting together to discuss just the June Rally gathered about 13 members to listen, offer suggestions and volunteer their services. All officers were present and Rex Brown did the officiating. Some of the highlights are:

  • Rally moved from Greenleaf Gobbler’s ridge to Gruber Group Camp. More isolated, better amenities, less expensive.
  • Already have 3 reservations from the online system w/one reserved room in the barracks.
  • Rally notificaitons sent to area dealerships
  • Rally notification sent to facebook, advrider, and the MOABMW blog.
  • Jim Loggin from Chicory and Chives will be preparing the Saturday feast.
  • Copy Falling Leaf for the hot dog Friday evening self feed.
  • Hoping to get sponsors for various items
  • Passed out a volunteer sign up sheet. A minimum of 6 required.
  • Insurance found and then reduced by 75%
  • Self Guided Tours from handouts – scenic roads, restaurants, museums, Native American sites, BMW dealers, etc.
  • Ask member to pass out notifications to other shops or dealers.
  • Members to pay for rally also so they also have chance to win door prizes.
  • Discussion on the Club’s mailing address – taken care by Norma Jo.
  • Rex noticed over 50% of online viewers were from Texas!
  • Club’s site statistics have jumped over 200% with addition of rally event.
  • “LiveStrong” type bands with club’s name for registration
  • Attempting to get great doorprizes – Nice stuff / gift certificates
  • 50/50, allowing remaining funds to charity

Rally Site Inspection – Wednesday – 3/27/2013

Greenleaf Lodge
Click to view photos of the Group Camp facilities.

We met with SFC Raymond Keenan who allowed all of us, Rex & Jackie Brown, Brad Mathison, Randy Eggert & Bob McBratney full access to all the facilities that we will be using during NEO’s June rally. The WPA/CCC built lodge was fantastic. There are full kitchen facilities with pots, pans, utensils, ovens, griddle, cooktop, refrigerators, freezers, with a dining room for a fair number of people. At the other end is a ballroom with a large fireplace at the end and solid wood floors. Out back are two large patios, one of which we plan to use for a motorcycle beauty contest.

The barracks are broken into 3 sections / rooms with 6 beds in each, complete with mattresses. Each room is accessible by a hallway from one side of the building to the other, making each of the rooms isolated from one another. Each room also has a small window air conditioner.

The bathrooms have 5 or 6 stalls for toilets and about as many showers for both men and women.

The good Sargent told us that there are no restrictions on alcohol, either at the group camp or in the adjacent state park. They would not be sending MPs to check up on us.

I followed Bob south out of the park and around a 50 mile loop that will be added to the ‘self guided’ tours I’m writing up.

All of us were delighted with all the aminities availble to us and were glad that the original choice of reserving all of the campground, Gobbler’s Ridge, fell through.

Ethanol Free
Also check out this web site: www.pure-gas.org

As the government plays favorites to those making alcohol from corn, the latest I’ve heard is they’ve approved 15% alcohol in your gas. Expect your ride to run even worse and get lower mileage. Meanwhile, my steaks and Del Monte canned corn are skyrocketing.

More information:

Fuels & Additives: E15

Gas with Ethanol Can Make Small Engines Fail

15% Ethanol-Blended Gas May Damage Cars

Will E15 Fuel Damage Your Car?

Upcoming Rallies
Easter weekend – March 29, 30, 31 – Easter Rally – Robeline, LA – Home of Perry Thigpen as he extends an open invitation for a simple get together on his property All the grass you want to camp on with 1 (Toilet/shower/sink) building. A quiet, laid back event.

April 5 – Dogwood Trail Rally – Decatur, MS – $40 – BMW Riders of Mississippi

April 19 – Blitz to Branson – Branson, MO – let Voni know you’re coming!

May 18 – Texas National Picnic – Jacksonville, TX – East Texas BMW Plus is sponsoring