March 2013 Newsletter


President: Dave Carter
Vice President: Randall Eggert
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Quapaw

  • NEO BMW Rally?
  • Musings
  • Fun with Spell Check
  • List of Upcoming Rallies

by roving reporter, Randall Eggert


February Meeting 2/12/2013 Legends – Owasso
I guess everything went on OK. I was on vacation to Yellowstone in winter and proceeded to get sick. Rather than have 9 other strangers lynch us for getting into the snow-coach shoulder to shoulder during our 3 hour ride into the park, we just turned around and came home. We were still under the weather (hey, I had to share my cold with my wife), so I did not attend the meeting.

I also heard that Rex Brown was unable to attend the February meeting also for similar reasons, feeling ill, not going on vacation, so the members were unable to hear of plans of a NEO Rally. He has promised to return.

Perhaps others can fill in here what I missed.

March Meeting 3/12/2013 Legends – Owasso
Be there at 6:30 should you wish to order from the menu, the meeting starts soon thereafter at 7 when Dave gavels to order. RSVP on Facebook

TWORex Brown and Brad Mathison, the guys in front of the camera on “Two Wheels Oklahoma” will be there to promote the re-initiation of the NEOBMW annual Rally. I re-iterate, Rex recently spent a weekend at Greenleaf State Park and was enamored with the facilities, the “just made for motorcycles” roads to/from the park. Eating establishments available nearby, and close to the Tulsa and Bentonville BMW dealers. So much so, heʼs prepared a plan for putting it in place. Come to hear how one of the favored rallies in the past can again exist.

T.W.O. is now seen on the other side of the pond (Atlantic) also. Check out their web site,

I will be there too, attempting to log all the goings on.

2013 NEOBMW Rally
I’ve met with Rex and Brad as representative of the club and with some knowledge on how the club did the first rallies. I was there at the first one and there at the last, so hopefully have given them and idea on how our rallies were in the past. Personally, it has been nice to go to various other rallies and see the NEOBMW Rally patch on other jackets and vests. Even tho I performed a very minor part, it makes me appreciate the work, effort, and hours the early members of the club did in making those events a long lasting success.

Dave, Norma Jo, John G and some others have been made aware of some of the goings-on in preparing just to find out if we are capable and desire to put on another rally, which if done well, can result in subsequent ones in following years.

You’ve probably been hit up with a synopsis of the rally by the eMail broadcast to members, some past and all present if they wish to volunteer in some or more tasks in doing this.

Rex and Brad have worked with other groups in setting up motorcycle events and have seen the potential of getting promotions and advertisers in performing a lot of necessary work in putting the event on.

So, come to the meeting to hear what they have to say.

Motorcycle Musings 
Rex Brown and his first Motorcycleby Rex Brown
Over the years I’ve met a lot of interesting people through motorcycling. In my younger days I enjoyed racing hare scrambles, cross-country and even a feeble attempt at motocross. Later I discovered observed trials and quickly realized I loved it- and was too old to ever achieve any level of proficiency. But it was still great fun, good exercise and- most of all- a bunch of great people.

That common thread seems to run through all the motorcycle communities I have had the pleasure to be involved with. Good folks enjoying their bikes no matter what type of machinery– two stroke, four stroke or survived a stroke. People from all sorts of backgrounds can come together over these strange two-wheeled contraptions.

A few years ago I attended my first motorcycle rally. I count myself fortunate that it was a BMW rally– and the Falling Leaf Rally at that! I hadn’t camped since I was in high school, and never in a large sea of nylon like I experienced in Potosi, Missouri. All these travelers converging in this out-of-the-way place to enjoy twisty roads, greasy spoons and tall tales beside a campfire. The morning air seemed chilly- and each year that goes by the recounting of that morning drops another 5 degrees.

Three BMWs later I still enjoy these rallies. I wish I could attend more often and hope to do so in the coming years.

I also decided to get more involved in the local club this year. Between my day gig as “The Computer Guy” at a trade association in Tulsa and volunteering for various organizations I have amassed a good deal of knowledge on making the most of technology for non-profits. I see a lot of BMWs around Tulsa but not a lot of BMW club members. It seems like there should be more! I’m looking forward to helping grow the club if you’ll allow me.

The way I figure it there must be a whole lot more great folks out there riding motorcycles. Lots of people I’ve yet to meet. And some of them are probably in my own back yard.

Rally ‘Round America!
I hope to see a number of members hitting some of the other rallies that are put on by other clubs. I’ve attended a few over the years, and most I would gladly attend again. There are so many more to go to, as I have yet to hit any on the right or left coasts.

Here’s a list of upcoming rallies in a spreadsheet format showing date, distance from Tulsa and long/lat coordinates:
Upcoming 2013 Rallies

Additional Comments to share:
I’ve just run spell check on this newsletter using new software (for me) – OpenOffice. A couple of words popped up as potential spelling corrections:

“” = wheelbarrow

“” = buckminsterfullerine
Or in common terms – the buckyball element. The material was discovered in 1985, and its discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize 11 years later. This molecule – C60 – is a new structure for Carbon, part of the new and growing science of Nanotechnology. It was named in honor of Buckminster Fuller, as the molecule resembles his trademark Geodesic Domes.

Who says you can’t learn something from mistakes?


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