January 2013 Newsletter

President: Dave Carter allrand4rw@sbcglobal.net
Vice President: Randall Eggert reggatss@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer: Norma Jo Nyikos boots1200@gmail.com

  • New Officers
  • Meeting Update
  • Passport Oklahoma

January Meeting 1/8/2013 Legends – Owasso
With our new officers, everyone participated in the discussions for the evening. Seemed like everyone had something to say and the president went along with the flow as we all spoke. (If you think I’m kind of mumbling and not telling you what exactly went on, you’re right. My recorder failed immediately. It would have been almost impossible to extract notes from this type of discussion, anyway.) We had a couple of guests (or was that last month?) and we chatted about Kendall’s treatment in OKC from Bob Gillispie and me. He should be back on the road maybe as soon as the Blitz, which will be the last weekend of March. Easter is sooner this year. Dave and John Moore and I have a surprise for the Blitz if Dave’s plan works out, and we don’t get upsurped.

Some discussion about the MOA rally in Oregon, riding in California, Washington, Oregon was heard also.

February meeting – 02/12/2013 6:30 ~ 7:00 – Legends – Owasso
Rex Brown, part of the “Two Wheels Oklahoma” production crew and TV star plans to attend to promote the re-initiation of the NEOBMW annual Rally. He recently spent a weekend at Greenleaf State Park and was enamored with the facilities, the “just made for motorcycles” roads to/from the park. Eating establishments available nearby, and close to the Tulsa and Bentonville BMW dealers. So much so, he’s prepared a plan for putting it in place. Come to hear how one of the favored rallies in the past can again exist.

T.W.O. is now seen on the other side of the pond (Atlantic) also. Check out their web site, http://www.twowheelok.com

Passport Oklahoma – 2013 – John Moore
Ride Report

I completed the Passport Oklahoma 2013 ride on Saturday, January 26. I rode three “loops” depicted below.

The “red” loop was actually an out and back to the Daryl Starbird Museum on Monkey Island. This was my initial ride to start the Passport tour and was done on Monday, Jan 14th. This was a cold day with clear roads but ice on plants, fences and trees near Grand Lake.
The “red loop” was 160 miles.
On Friday and Saturday, Jan 18th and 19th I completed the “green” loop. A pre-dawn start got me to Woolaroc by about 7:30 am and then on to Pawnee Bills, Astrobleme, Great Salt Plains, Lookout (cemetery), Windmill Museum (Shattuck), Sandstone Creek Area, and the Route 66 Museum in Elk City. It was just about dark when I checked into my El Cheapo motel in Elk City. I have a loyalty card at the El Cheapo chain and have been know to frequent them regularly when touring on the bike. I hadn’t had anything to eat all day so I was very hungry and I thoroughly enjoyed a very average supper at Denny’s prior to crashing in my motel room.
Note: I spent some extra time finding the cemetery at Lookout. As far as I can tell, the cemetery is the only Lookout landmark that qualifies (must have a sign that says “Lookout”) and it was 3 miles south of the point that I originally went to based on Google Maps information. If you just Google “Lookout, OK & cemetery” using Google Maps, you should get the correct location. Be careful not to get directed to Osage County!

Another early departure from Elk City on Saturday, Jan 19th allowed me to visit The Hackberry Flat WMA, The Meers Store and Restaurant where I enjoyed one of the monster Meers Burgers made from low fat longhorn beef, and the American Banjo Museum in OKC before I returned home.
The “green” loop totaled 807 miles.
The final “blue” loop was completed on Friday and Saturday, January 25th and 26th. An 8:00 am start allowed me to visit Western Hills (no signage on the lodge), Spiro Mounds, Wheelock Academy, Fort Towson, Snow School, and the Gene Autry Museum before getting a room in Pauls Valley.
The Snow School does not have any signage saying “school” – it does look like an old school building and is located next to the post office in Snow with a sign that says “Snow Community Center” over the door. I visited with the postmaster in Snow, Frances Creel, to confirm that the building was indeed the old school that was the designated stop on the tour. Frances told me that even though this building has been added to the national registry of historic buildings, the folks in Snow never were able to obtain the bronze plaque that you normally find on these old structures. I told Frances that my fraternity house in Norman has been added to the national registry list and she enlisted me to help her obtain the plaque for the Snow school building before the USPS changes the Snow PO to a 2 hour per day status and she has to move to a larger facility in 2014. A new quest and I haven’t even completed the current one!

Frances also told me about the BBQ place in Snow that used to draw customers from far away because of the superb BBQ that was well known far and wide. It turns out that the health department bureaucrats recently descended on this venerable old establishment and demanded that they upgrade the kitchen to a more modern all stainless steel model at the cost of $20,000. Unfortunately the family that has run this establishment for decades (without any complaints of food quality or safety) is forced to just close rather than try to fund this mandated upgrade.
I spent Friday night, Jan 25th, in Pauls Valley. It was dark when I arrived, so I waited until Saturday morning to photograph the Toy and Action Figure Museum. Even though it was about 7:30 am, it was still pretty dark and a cool looking photo was the result.

The tour was completed when I got to the Oil Museum in Shawnee. I rode back to Tulsa, printed the photos at the kiosk in my neighborhood WalMart grocery store and delivered the completed tour book to K&N. I was told that this was the first book to be delivered for the 2013 tour and they are considering an “international passport tour” due to “hair on fire” people like me who are certified OCD and “type A”.
The “blue loop” totaled 700 miles so the entire tour was 1,667 miles.
I really enjoy these tours. The route 115 through the Wichita Mountains to Meers was a real treat. I also encountered heavy fog when I crossed the Winding Stair range between Spiro Mounds and Wheelock Academy that made for an interesting ride not often encountered in Oklahoma. As always, there are interesting and very nice folks to meet and visit with along the route that make these tours a real treat. Many thanks to K&N for sponsoring this fine event and please help get the word out and encourage others to give it a try. Visiting all of the listed destinations is not a requirement, so participation in this event this can be as casual as the participant desires.
Ride Safe – see ya down the road.
John Moore

K & N Yamaha also informed John that he was the first one to turn in his completed Passport.

Also in the news.

Did you see the Sunday Tulsa World January 27th? Another member on two wheels.


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